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Decorative ideas for the walls of my entrance

Decorative ideas for the walls of my entrance

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The entrance is the first room you notice in the house. It should therefore not be overlooked. We give you some decorating ideas to decorate the walls of your entrance and give it a welcoming, warm, retro or original style, it's up to you…

A wall of shelves

Castorama We play with the different forms of shelves in cubes and shelves. We put them in all directions: superimposed, offset, parallel or perpendicular… We even have fun with the colors and decorative objects that we place on them. This gives an effect of surprise upon arrival in the house.

As in a gallery

Leroy Merlin Like an art gallery, we expose frames of identical sizes to highlight photographs with a contrast of black and white. They are hung all along the corridor with regular space and on the same line, or optionally offset.

A poetic wall

La Foire Fouille Why not give a poetic and romantic atmosphere to your interior? All you have to do is place these pretty butterfly wall decorations on the wall as well as the little house-shaped shelf. We bring out the butterflies of color by adding small decorative objects and hang everything on a colored wall.

A wall of frames

Leroy Merlin Here is another decor idea made with frames. This time, we mix materials and styles, and we add all sizes, for a pop and modern effect.

A tree in a coat rack

Helline To avoid cluttering your entry with coats, you choose to elegantly hang them on this tree-shaped model. In the same spirit, we can also stick a sticker and at the end of the branches, we attach coat hooks to hang our clothes on.

An antique clock

Alinéa We do not hesitate to hang this clock in Roman numerals and in an industrial style for an authentic decoration! It goes perfectly with objects and decorations that have a natural or wooden color. Now there is no longer any question of being late!

A striped wall

Saint Maclou To accentuate the depth of your entry or your corridor, we play on the contrasts of the room, by choosing bright colors and horizontal stripes on the wall. At the same time, you give your interior a touch of cheerfulness upon arrival.

A colorful entrance

Ikéa We love this entry with trendy and warm colors! This blue green wall, both elegant and sober, allows you to choose more flashy accessories like anise green or orange. We put a few coat hooks to hang our clothes on and wall shelves to put our shoes on.

A designer mirror

La Redoute To give a design side as soon as you enter your apartment, you fix this mirror made up of 24 decorative circles connected to each other by adhesive hooks. They are then placed above a small entry piece of furniture and a lamp for more light.


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