Mother's Day: 10 breakfast ideas for mom

Mother's Day: 10 breakfast ideas for mom

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So that your mom wakes up in the best way possible on Mother's Day, start by preparing a gourmet breakfast that you will serve her in bed. There is no reason: how many times has your mom buttered and jammed your sandwiches while monitoring that the milk in your hot chocolate is at the perfect temperature you like for breakfast? To make this breakfast in bed unforgettable, would you need inspiration from the recipes and presentation side? Discover our 10 ideas found on Pinterest without further ado.

A bunch of strawberries

One Little Project Cut in such a way that they look like roses, these strawberries take the form of a pretty bouquet once mounted on skewers. Source: One Little Project

Fluffy pancakes

Studio DIY A small stack of fluffy pancakes will also be appreciated at breakfast, especially if it is accompanied by a cake-topper which wishes a ** happy mother's day ** to your mom, right? Source: Studio DIY

A delicious white cheese

Whipperberry This is a special healthy mom breakfast. Once the cottage cheese is placed in a nice glass container, add some cereals and red fruits for the gourmet note. Source: Whipperberry

Fruity cones

BHG - Memento Designs In paper or embossed paste, the cone welcomes fresh fruit for breakfast. A nice way to stage them, don't you think? What start this day of ** Mother's Day ** in a vitamin way. Sources: BHG & Memento Designs

A delicious message - or pancakes of love

Stepable Fill a plastic sauce bottle with pancake batter, then put your word of love in a hot pan. Your mom will love the idea! Source: Stepable

Delicacies for waffles

One Sweet Appetite Waffles are delicious. But accompanied by fresh red fruit and chocolate chips, it's even better! So do not hesitate to prepare small bowls of delicacies to place on it! So that your mom can customize her party waffles. Source: One Sweet Appetite

Fried eggs with white bread

Donal Skehan If your mom is rather salty, we have what you need: eggs! Cut a circle inside a slice of sliced ​​bread, place the raw egg, then cook. The result is surprising ! Source: Donal Skehan

Sweet bruschettas

Reluctant Entertainer Is your mom a sweet tooth in the morning? Brown small slices of bread in a pan of hot oil, brush with spread and add a few red berries to finish. Source: Reluctant Entertainer

Chocolate fondue

Community Finally, and last but not least, prepare a chocolate fondue! Place a few fruit skewers next to the plate and let your mom enjoy it. Source: Community