How to save water on a daily basis?

How to save water on a daily basis?

To save water on a daily basis, just equip yourself accordingly. Some installations in the house will help you conserve water resources while saving money. Here are some simple tips.

Use a mixer

Lapeyre ### To use less water, choose a mixer tap. Thanks to this, we no longer seek the right temperature for several minutes and the water no longer flows for nothing. In addition, if you close the tap, it will keep the chosen temperature.

Opt for a two-flow toilet flush

WC point ### Did you know that opting for a two-flow flush allows you to use up to half the water than with a traditional flush? In addition, the installation will cost you less than 50 euros and you can save up to 150 euros per year.

Collect rain water

Gardena ### To avoid wasting water by watering the plants during the dry season, you can easily make reservations by using a rainwater collector throughout the year. At Gardena, the water collector has undergone a special waterproofing for a long lifespan (114.99 euros).


Gardena ### And to properly dose the watering of the plants and thus avoid using more water than necessary, you can opt for a drip watering system. This system allows to irrigate up to 5 meters of flower boxes while regulating the flow. It is also ideal for going on vacation.