The ideal colors for the bedroom

The ideal colors for the bedroom

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If the bedroom is a room where multiple activities take place, it is above all a space for rest! And to make your sleep as pleasant as possible, there are certain colors to favor. Discover, in pictures, the ideal colors to promote sleep in your bedroom.

A room in turquoise blue

Ikea If the turquoise blue evokes the blue of the sea for you, bringing it into the bedroom will inevitably remind you of the holidays. But since it is a fairly bright color, we recommend that you use it sparingly. For example, choose bed linen, a carpet and a piece of furniture in this blue and install everything in a very soft shade of gray.

A room in purple

Ikea Purple is a very trendy color that brings a touch of femininity to the bedroom without excluding men from the room. We choose a deep purple which will create a soft and enveloping atmosphere. Know that purple invites concentration, so it will bring you a certain amount of calm to fall asleep serenely.

A room with green

Purpose In your room, the green will not fail to bring you closer to nature. It will reassure you by reconnecting to the earth. However, we should avoid choosing it in excessively tonic tones which could disturb sleep. So choose green accessories for bed linen for example and match them with natural tones in the rest of the room.

A room with blue walls

Ikea More soothing than turquoise blue, darker and deeper blue will help your concentration while offering you a chic and trendy decoration. We can use it on all the walls and opt for darker black or brown accessories to bring out the color.

A room with pink inspirations

Ikea To feminize the room without making the room a marshmallow, we put on an old rose which will bring a charm of yesteryear to the room. You can combine this color with gray and white to create a delicate and reassuring atmosphere that will suit all ages.

A white room

Ikea Of course white is a color that will not disturb your sleep thanks to a certain neutrality. On the other hand, to avoid the clinical effect which can be anxiety-provoking, do not hesitate to bet on a few colored accessories. Choose for example pink or blue cushions.

White in shades

Fly If you want to opt for white while bringing a warmer touch, bet on a shades of colors by mixing white with beige and gray.

A dark room

La Redoute Contrary to what one might think, a dark room is not a problem. However, it will be necessary that the room has a good brightness and that you also choose lighter keys for the linen and the accessories. The bedroom will then be very chic and very cocooning.

A gray room full of sweetness

Escada Less pronounced than black, gray can be a real decorative ally because it will allow you to create a soft and enveloping atmosphere that is easy to live with. And the good news is that many colors can be combined to change the decor simply by playing with the accessories.

An anthracite gray bedroom

Dulux Valentine If you are a fan of out of the ordinary rooms, you can turn to less usual colors such as anthracite gray. With a slate effect, you can even give free rein to your creativity on the wall.

A mole bedroom

Leroy Merlin Very trendy for several seasons in all the rooms of the house, the mole finds with charm its place in the room. To create a romantic atmosphere, we combine it with a few touches of white or beige.

A dark room and raw pine

Ikea The raw pine has made a comeback in our interiors and in the bedroom it is perfect for playing. So that the room does not look like a chalet but on the contrary it is indeed in tune with the times, we associate it with a large black bed and khaki on the walls.

A brown and red bedroom

Ikea Red has the advantage of warming up the rooms in which it is dared. However, we avoid using it in total look in the bedroom at the risk of disturbing the sleep of its occupants. A lively wardrobe combined with more discreet furniture is more than enough.

A room in cream tones

Dulux Valentine Lovers of romantic and warm universes, do not hesitate to dare beige in all its variations from floor to ceiling. Walls, decorative objects, bed linen and cushion have fun in this room with all the shades of cream.

A gray and red room

Leroy Merlin Gray and red are the perfect combination to create a contemporary atmosphere in the bedroom. We dare its two colors in striped version on the wall and in solid tones for bed linen. Modernity and dynamism are at the rendezvous.

A dark blue bedroom

Dulux Valentine When it comes time to go to bed, many people like to find themselves in a soft and soothing room. Dark blue is therefore the perfect color to give them the right dose to relax.

A light wood ambiance bedroom

Ikea Light wood is ideal when you want a Nordic-style room in which you can unwind after a hard day. With a few shades of gray and sky blue, the decor is completely relaxing.

A yellow and purple room

Leroy Merlin A purple wall, the other yellow, this room is the ally of those who like to wake up in a room full of good humor. As for the furniture, we choose it white to avoid the too variegated effect.

A coral orange room

Leroy Merlin The coral orange never ceases to seduce us in more or less dark colors. In the bedroom, we choose it to cover the side of the headboard and we paint the other walls in a gray green.