Bed with storage: 7 practical ideas to save space!

Bed with storage: 7 practical ideas to save space!

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1. Organized bed base


Some box springs have storage spaces that could not be more practical, to save space. Like this inspiration where small niches follow each other all around the bed. You can store books, cushions, alarm clocks and other accessories to have them close at hand ... In short, this type of box spring is ideal for not losing space. It can even make us forget the night tables!

2. Hidden drawers


Other solutions integrated into the bed: the drawers! Hidden beneath the box spring, the drawers offer significant storage space. In the master bedroom, they can be used to store underwear, sheets and other clean linen. The children's models will be ideal for camouflaging some toys. Consider investing in boxes or drawer dividers for even more optimized storage!

3. Headboard


Failing to have a bed with integrated storage spaces, how about creating them yourself? Here, simple bookcases are placed on each side of the bed and form a frame by being connected by a wooden board. Result? In addition to saving considerable space, the shelves form a very original headboard!

4. At the end of the bed


After the headboard, place at the end of the bed storage. And there's nothing easier to get extra storage in the bedroom! The idea is to install trunks, chests or large baskets at the end of the bed to store your things without cluttering the space. And it still works because in a way, this configuration simply adds a few more centimeters to the length of the bed!

5. Safe added


For even more storage space around the bed, you can opt for a headboard with integrated storage chest. You can also arrange it yourself by simply adding a dresser the width of the bed. We like the idea of ​​placing the bed in the center of the room; which allows to define the sleeping area of ​​the dressing area. This is an out of the ordinary design idea!

6. Homemade


Lovers of recycled decoration and DIY, what are you waiting for to create your storage yourself? In this bohemian-style bedroom, wooden boxes form headboard storage while stools and cubic shelves serve as night tables. As for the headboard, it is only a large wooden frame filled with stretched ropes on which you can hang plants, macrame and linens!

7. Invisible storage


Finally, we come back to a storage solution integrated into the bed. This bed model offers invisible and hidden storage spaces inside the box spring. It is space saving guaranteed but it is not the most practical solution. It's ideal in a guest room for storing things you don't use often, so you don't have to unpack the bed every time.


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