The new Linvosges 2012/2013 collection in pictures

The new Linvosges 2012/2013 collection in pictures

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The new Linvosges bed linen collection combines all that we dream of after returning from summer vacation: softness in materials, patterns and colors ... except for the child's bedroom of course! As with every school year, the latter shows pep and fantasy, even from the top of her bed. Overview in pictures, for young and old.


Linvosges ### After the Little Prince, Tintin or the Barbapapas, it's the turn of the most adorable elephant family, aboard a pop red car, to find their place on Linvosges bed linen for the little ones. We love !

Loft spirit

Linvosges ### The loft trend is gaining bed linen by dressing it in a pretty concrete color, enhanced by fine black borders. Super chic!

Plant patterns

Linvosges ### Adorned with pastel-colored plant motifs, this bed linen fits directly between the two seasons: summer / autumn, half dapper, half soothing.


Linvosges ### The mania stripe continues its course at the start of the school year on a very warm brown color chart. Long live the colors coffee, mocha and chocolate!


Linvosges ### The other animal hero invited to the Linvosges fall / winter 2012/2013 collection? Snoopy. On a sky-blue striped background, the most sleepy of all dogs promises to watch over the nights of our little ones.

Fall color

Linvosges ### Ornamental patterns bloomed on the bed linen, all on a red / orange palette, in total harmony with the autumnal back-to-school landscape.

Ethnic softness

Linvosges ### Ethnic softness for this bed linen whose patterns seem to have been inspired by summer travel…

Romantic patterns

Linvosges ### At the top of the bed, a series of romantic patterns give relief to the creamy color code behind which a taste of back-to-school and its cravings for cocooning looms.


Linvosges ### After the light covers and the cool cushions, cotton or quilted throws and very soft cushions will be in place for the next season.