Recreate a romantic decor for a little girl's room

Recreate a romantic decor for a little girl's room

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The little girls' room is adorned with pink. But not to fall into the cliché of the princess room, discover how to create a decor for a girl's room in a chic romantic spirit but not girly.

A style park

Leroy Merlin For a practical but also aesthetic aspect, bet on a parquet floor. Preferably in light wood to gain brightness, do not overlook a natural oak color which will highlight the pink.

An old carpet

Ikea To break with the ambient softness and avoid falling into the too girly style, lay a kilim rug on the floor. It creates an authentic touch and with shimmering colors, it goes perfectly with pink while avoiding the risk of falling into a spirit too sweet.

A cabin bed

Vibel A cabin-like bed is probably the dream of all children! Exalt his will by choosing a bed whose structure makes up a roof. Then cover it with a light cloth that you will change according to its age.

Pastel shades

Ikea Luck, pastel is in tune with the times. So bet on this palette of tender colors that decorate the room with an exquisite softness.

Wallpaper strips to decorate the wall

Graham and Brown Decorate the wall with wallpaper strips. But instead of lining the entire wall, apply only 4 tiles that you space a few centimeters. The goal ? Dress the wall like a table without overloading the room.

Pink bed linen of course!

Society The bed is adorned with pink. Duvet covers, bedspreads and pillowcases have different variations of pink to give it volume. Attach importance to the materials, the softer they are, the more they will bring tenderness to pink.

Old suitcases

Graham and Brown Add character to the bedroom with old trunks. Can be used for storage, they will help boost an authentic note. If you don't have one, interior designer Sophie Ferjani has produced, in collaboration with Graham and Brown, a collection of wallpapers that reproduces a stack of old trunks.

A canopy like the grown-ups!

Maisons du Monde Often as a separation in the kitchen or the entrance, the artist's glass can easily find its place in children's rooms. To separate two spaces or delimit the play corner, it establishes a very fashionable industrial style.

Colored furniture

Ikea Contre-carrez, the romantic style by combining it with designer furniture of an unexpected color. Here, we opted for lemon yellow but we could very well have chosen an apple green or a tomato red. The goal is to add a touch of flashy color that awakens the romantic style for a more trendy result!


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