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10 surprising plancha cooking ideas

10 surprising plancha cooking ideas

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Sunny days are here ! This is the time when ever to enjoy your garden and cook up small dishes outside. This summer, exit the barbecue! Let yourself be tempted by the plancha cuisine, a trend from Spain that will appeal to lovers of festive and friendly cuisine! And for the occasion, discover our 10 gourmet ideas, worthy of the greatest gourmet dishes.

Grilled sardines

Chili Pepper No more traditional canned sardines, we innovate with this tasty and crispy recipe for grilled sardines. A round trip and there they are ready to jump on our plates. Yum ! Source: Bird Pepper

My fruit tart like a chef

La Receta de la Felicidad Nothing better than a few grilled seasonal fruits to end a plancha meal! We light the plancha, brush it generously with butter and then fry its fruit for a few minutes. A delight. Source: La Receta de la Felicidad

Grilled asparagus

Five and Spice Are you out of inspiration for your main dish? Are you looking for a simple, refreshing recipe that will surprise your guests? Make a mixture of anchovies, garlic and peppers, then mix this preparation with lemon juice and asparagus. And finally, place everything on the plancha. A real treat ! Source: Five and Spice

Daring savory pancakes

Canada Girl Eats Paleo Did you know about sweet pancakes? Discover them this year in their salty version with this delicious recipe made with bacon, zucchini and onions. A real treat ! Source: Canada Girl Eats Paleo

Revisited pancakes

Body Re Design Lover of sweet treats, surprise your guests with this amazing pancake recipe made from bananas. An original way to put American cuisine in the spotlight! Source: Body Re Design

Mushroom skewers

Natasha's Kitchen These little mushroom skewers make our mouths water, don't you? First step, we make a marinade based on olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, pepper, salt and balsamic vinegar. It is then mixed with the previously cut mushrooms. It only remains to place the mushrooms on wooden spikes. A nice recipe that changes grilled sardines or duck hearts into parsley and which will ideally accompany red meat! Source: Natasha's Kitchen

A braised rhubarb compote

Todd Coleman To make this original compote, you don't have to be an expert in the kitchen! Just mix orange juice, honey, spices and rhubarb. Let macerate and then at the table! Source: Flavor

Steak rolls

Picture the recipe Yum, your guests will only have a bite of these little steak rolls stuffed with vegetables. To consume without moderation ! Source: Picture the recipe

Grilled aubergines and vegetables on the plancha

The Prague Blog Eggplant is in the spotlight with this original and accessible summer recipe. To achieve it, nothing could be simpler! Take an eggplant, seasonal vegetables diverted into punchy amenities, sprinkle mozzarella and voila! Source: G-Free Foodie