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Blue and white: a chic combination for table decor

Blue and white: a chic combination for table decor

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Blue is the color of royalty and aristocracy. Associated with white, it becomes chic and elegant, especially in table decoration. Linens, dishes, furniture, you just have to give a few elements to reproduce at home a table full of style and good taste.

Vichy pattern in napkin

Anne's table The essential Vichy motif invaded by blue and white linen. For the table decoration, we put on cloth napkins held by a small white ribbon which brings the chic touch to the whole.

Striated bowls

Botanic Breakfast must also be chic, so we adopt these pretty blue and white striped country style bowls without restraint. To complete the decor, we also use cups and plates from the same collection.

Chairs get started

Maisons du Monde Besides tableware and tablecloth, blue and white furniture can also bring a chic side to the table. Bet for example on these wicker chairs that are installed mismatched around a raw wood table for example.

A flowery tablecloth

La Redoute This tablecloth with blue flower patterns brings a royal note to the table decor. To slice with its aristocratic side, we put on very crockery white dishes.

Enamel mugs

Falcon The famous white enamel cups with a blue border are making a comeback in our kitchen. Accompanied by more contemporary accessories, they blend perfectly with a chic table decor.

Checked placemats

Pa Design The small blue and white tiles also bring a note of elegance to the table. We adopt them as table mats on which white tableware makes its show.

Plates with blue patterns

Decoclico To decorate a table that plays on the association of blue and white, we like plates with graphic patterns. Their very fine designs bring a lot of grace and refinement to the menu.

A blue and white table

Maisons du Monde Rather than accessorizing the table of decorative objects, why not bet directly on a blue and white table which alone brings the chic touch to the room?

Table runner and chair cushion

Botanic This blue and white table runner brings a lot of elegance to a raw wood table. Its little extra: chair cushions in the same fabric that give a family home look to the kitchen.