10 Christmas decorations to make with kraft paper

10 Christmas decorations to make with kraft paper

Designed for packaging parcels, kraft paper appeals to decoration enthusiasts with its beautiful brown and natural color. Very inexpensive, it allows you to make many Christmas decorations that are both trendy and easy to make. The proof with these 10 ideas to put into practice now!

Advent calendar in kraft sachets

Finds Enhanced in black and white, these kraft paper bags simply perforated and suspended from a branch by a string are super decorative. We love this DIY advent calendar, do you?

A kraft tablecloth

Odyssey Don't have a tablecloth? Take out your roll of kraft paper and draw the locations or patterns of your choice with black felt-tip pen. The result will be amazing, we promise! For the children's table, do not hesitate to suggest colored pencils so that they can draw on the tablecloth during the meal…

Ultra chic gift wrap

Odyssey Kraft paper gift wrap is sublime, with just a hemp string and a branch of fir or eucalyptus. Otherwise opt for a white or black ribbon, you will be right in the current trend!

Elegant kraft labels

A little market Have you thought about adding labels to your gift wrap? Practical, they allow to write the name of the beneficiary, but also to send a nice Christmas message. And in kraft paper, they are just perfect.

A cardboard tree

Pinterest For a 100% kraft Christmas (and 100% trendy), we replace the natural tree with a cardboard tree decorated with white and black balls. Practical, it does not make thorns and easily stores in a cupboard until next year!

A garland with a raw and natural appearance

Etsy In a thick kraft paper, cut out beautiful stars, glue them on a hemp thread, and make a beautiful Christmas wreath at a lower cost!

Kraft napkin rings

The Barefoot Bride Less and less popular, the napkin ring is the detail that can make the difference on a New Years Eve table. Easily make them out of kraft paper, and don't hesitate to use them as name tags!

DIY Christmas cards

Gooseberries and company Clearly, the black, white and kraft trio have a bright future ahead of us… The proof with these beautiful Christmas cards that makes us want to write to the whole family! Source: Gooseberries and company.

A flowerpot for the tree

Pinterest To hide the bottom of the tree while staying in tune with the times, we recycle a large kraft paper bag that we decorate with golden stickers!