What solutions to optimize a small space?

What solutions to optimize a small space?

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Studio, small bedroom, cramped kitchen, it is not always easy to find the right furniture for small spaces. We looked into the matter and we got you 10 solutions to optimize a small room as well as possible.

Storage under the stairs

Ikéa In a small apartment, the space under the stairs is a real gold mine to save space. We then place a whole battery of custom closets to store the dishes if it overlooks the kitchen for example.

The bathroom sink is moving

Ikéa If the space dedicated to the bathroom is too small, the solution is to snack on the bedroom by installing the sink and a storage unit. To make it a well-defined place, the wall is painted in a different color from the rest of the room.

A mezzanine in a studio

Espace Loggia In a studio, it is impossible to combine sleeping area and living room. The ready-made solution is a mezzanine under which you can install a sofa, a TV stand or a small reading corner.

A walk-in wardrobe all over the wall

Ikéa Ideal to put in a studio: a large dressing room which covers a whole section of wall. Hidden by two large curtains, it can store clothes as well as dishes.

A desk for dinner

Alinéa In the kitchen, we particularly like this ingenious desk which turns into a work plan when it comes to cooking and then into a dining table.

A moving bed

Espace Loggia When you have two children in the same small room, it's difficult to put two beds in it plus a desk and storage. We recommend the fold-away bed which can be assembled during the day and which can be lowered just for the night.

Small elements

Ikéa The solution for a small bathroom is to choose practical elements of small sizes. Well laid out, you can even install a small bathtub suitable for relaxation.

Standardize colors

Ikéa In a room that acts as a living room, kitchen and bedroom, it is important to keep a unity of color so that everything seems in perfect harmony. The choice of white allows you to bring light into a small space.

Practical storage

Ikéa To replace a wardrobe in a room, we put on practical storage. Small chest of drawers, drawers under the bed or wall shelves are the solutions to optimize space.