The same for less: a sofa that makes an impact!

The same for less: a sofa that makes an impact!

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The sofa, the centerpiece of the living room, often has a price that should not be overlooked. Also, when you fall for a model imagined by a designer, you will sometimes prefer to turn to a model of a large brand that is inspired by it. Here is our selection of sofa: between favorite and savings, you will have to choose!

William Zanotta sofa 4,270 euros / Hott Fly sofa 350 euros

Zanotta / Fly At Zanotta, we love the William sofa which is both modern and timeless with its metal legs and clean lines, but we also like the Hott model by Fly with certainly much less detail but at a low price.

Tchubby Dunlopillo sofa 599 euros / Berryhead La Redoute sofa 506.99 euros

Dunlopillo / La Redoute When Dunlopillo collaborates with designer Ora-ïto, this gives a sporty sofa with enveloping lines and funny texture. By betting on a model that draws inspiration from La Redoute, you save a little money, but above all you gain a seat.

Bottoni Moooi sofa 3,409 euros / Klippan Ikea sofa 239 euros

Moooi / Ikea Are you looking for a sofa with clean lines? Moooi plays the design card with its Bottoni sofa just like the famous Klippan from Ikea at a much lower cost. But at this price, you will only have two places!

Ghost Paola Navone sofa 4,451 euros / Achille La Redoute sofa 1,621.15 euros

Paola Navone / La Redoute Linen is a real trend in the home and the sofa is no exception. Paola Navone offers a chic and design version and La Redoute is betting on a slightly more relaxed model. You choose !

Terence Conran Chesterfield sofa 6995 euros / Maisons du Monde Chesterfield sofa 599 euros

Conran / Maisons du monde For an English club atmosphere in the living room, the Chesterfield sofa is a must. It's up to you to choose between Terence Conran's revisited Chesterfield and the more classic Maisons du monde model.

Neoz Driade sofa 8,095 euros / Söderhamn Ikea sofa 729 euros

Driade / Ikea The idea of ​​the rising armrests of the Driade sofa appeals to you but the price cools you down? Bet on the model of Ikea, simpler, but which takes up this idea of ​​isolation.

Paper Cloud Moroso sofa 7,317 euros / Nuvola Portobello sofa 3,695 euros

Moroso / Portobello At Moroso, we love this funny sofa and its textured cover. Only downside: its price ... So we can also bet on the original model of Portobello whose cover also plays the card of originality.