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Food Truck and Street Food: our selection of cookbooks

Food Truck and Street Food: our selection of cookbooks

An unavoidable culinary trend from across the Atlantic, the Food Truck cuisine, these itinerant trucks serving tasty street food, is always attracting more and more curious and gourmets. To make your mouth water, the editorial staff has selected 8 100% street food recipe books, in line with Food Trucks. Beautiful works to browse without moderation!

Canteen California

Hachette Cuisine It is aboard his elegant brown Food Truck, Cantine California, that the Californian Jordan Feilders creates delicious recipes. Inspired by his region of origin, Jordan Feilders shows us his street food recipes, from savory to sweet: burgers with caramelized onions, veggie burgers, chicken tacos, or sweet potato fries; up to 100% US sweets (brownie, oatmeal cookies, blueberry pancakes…). In total, let yourself be inspired by more than 30 gourmet street food recipes to share! Jordan Feilders (author), Virginie Garnier (photography), Hachette Cuisine, 12.50 euros

The best Food Truck recipes to make at home!

First Editions Released at the time of the launch of the culinary reality TV show, "My Food Truck at the end", a unique competition over 12 weeks, which saw 20 teams of 2 people compete in each region of France. More than a recipe book, "The best Food Truck recipes to make at home!" Also offers practical information to organize a successful evening: from the management of groceries and provisions, to the presentation, without forgetting valuable advice for do not miss the preparation and the cooking. First Editions, 14.95 euros

Forever Burgers, 100% USA recipes

Hachette Cuisine Signed Jordan Feilders, the Californian at the origin of the Food Truck Cantine California, the book "Burgers Forever, 100% USA recipes" offers traditional recipes for gourmet burgers: burgers with caramelized onions, smoked breast, beaufort and arugula, veggie burger with sweet potato fries… But also more original recipes, brought back from California: grilled prawns, tortillas, fish or chicken tacos. And, for dessert: red velvet cupcakes, cookies and crumble! Jordan Feilders, Hachette Cuisine, 7.99 euros

Bowl truck recipes, 50 street food recipes made in Vietnam

Editions Mango Cuisine Characterized by fresh gastronomy, a festive and friendly atmosphere, and a warm welcome, Saigon street food is a real institution in Vietnam. And it is thanks to her Food Truck, Le Camion Bol, that Nathalie Nguyen, ex-candidate of MasterChef, distributes it on the roads of France… and now in this book, teeming with flavors, where mini-nems with prawns, bo -Bun de Bol, bahn mi, panna cotta with mango, or even Japanese pearls with dragon fruits meet! Nathalie Nguyen, Mango Editions, 15 euros

Street food, the best of on-the-go dining

Hachette Cuisine Multiculturelle, street food, or street food, designates a certain type of traditional dishes, often very simple which are made to be eaten outside. True street food bible, signed by the actor and keen on cooking, Yannig Samot, "Street food, the best of on the go" gives us the recipes of the best places in Paris where to taste this type of takeaway: Japanese , Italian, Indian, French, Caribbean, Cambodian ... Immediate boarding for a world tour of street food, through more than 30 recipes! Yannig Samot, Hachette Cuisine, 22.50 euros

Organic street food, homemade street food

Editions Alternatives Street food is good, but organic organic street food is better! Revisited with first-rate ingredients, vegetable proteins, less fat and sugar but more flavor and colors, street food makes us all the more happy. Browse the thirty recipes as delicious as they are dietetic, concocted by Myriam Gauthier-Moreau and Géraldine Olivo and become the king or queen of organic street fodd! Myriam Gauthier-Moreau and Géraldine Olivo, Editions Alternatives, 12 euros

Street Food Gueuletons Truck Box

Editions Mango Cuisine And for lovers of authentic street food, opt for this box with an original design. On the program, 5 pounds, slipped into a Food Truck, and bringing together the best street food recipes: classic burgers, hot dogs and pizza; with bagels or panini. In short, there is something for everyone! Valéry Drouet, Editions Mango Cuisine, 10 euros

Food Truck

Solar Editions With "Food Truck" and its original form, set off to (re) discover street food. With no less than 28 illustrated gourmet recipes, learn how to make tasty wraps, burgers, bagels, like tasty fries and potatoes. Without forgetting the essential cheesecakes, brownies, cookies or cupcakes. Solar Editions, 8.90 euros

Food truck: street food cuisine

Artémis Editions Finally, complete your collection of 100% recipe books in the Food Truck and street food trend with this book presenting 40 recipes, as varied as they are tasty. Artémis Editions, 6 euros