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Standing furniture is popular!

Standing furniture is popular!

With the boom of the 1950s style, freestanding furniture made a comeback and contaminated all styles of decoration. Clever to give a little lightness to our furniture, they make us crack as well in the living room as in the bedroom. Here are some inspirations to adopt this type of furniture in your home.

The Scandinavian sideboard on feet

Maisons du monde To bring the low buffet up to date, we adopt the Scandinavian sideboard which places the furniture on slender legs. Between retro spirit and revival of the buffet: we love it!

A coffee table on legs

Olivier Desforges In this room, we opted for a low table on legs as a bedside table to give a more airy touch to the room.

The industrial version sideboard

Maisons du monde For a more industrial but light touch, we prefer a piece of furniture with metal legs. The marriage of wood and metal is a success.

Style 50 revisited

Lovely Market With these small storage units, the sideboard 50 is completely revisited! The lines are purer and the feet are displayed square for a design spirit sublimated by pastel colors.

A bed on visible feet

Olivier Desforges To bring a certain lightness to this bed and offer it a very modern, sleek style, the bedding is placed on fine legs which enhance everything.

The light bathroom

Ikea In this small bathroom, the furniture takes up a lot of space so we don't hesitate to bet on furniture on legs to give a visually less charged effect.

A freestanding kitchen

Ikea So that the furniture in this kitchen does not close the space, we preferred to opt for furniture slightly enhanced by metal feet to ensure modernity and fluidity in the space.

A sleek bathroom

Lovely Market In this bathroom, the legs offer a very refined style since the sink is installed directly on the wooden structure. A design favorite!

Legs for baroque furniture too

Ikea Finally, if the 50 spirit or the design style does not suit you, you can also bet on a baroque spirit with this furniture which is installed on curved legs.