A country style decor in the dining room

A country style decor in the dining room

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In the dining room, the country style brings warmth and conviviality. If you have a large room and a large family, the country style is for you. Here are some inspirations to help you recreate this style at home!

Benches instead of chairs

Fly ### To give your dining room a country style, replace the chairs around the table with two benches. This gives a very friendly and rustic spirit which lends itself particularly to the interiors of large families.

White in the dining room

Maisons du Monde ### Know that white blends perfectly with the natural color of wood. So, if you have parquet or wooden beams, choosing white furniture will lighten the room giving maximum brightness.

Country style furniture

Fly ### For country style furniture, we play the simplicity card! The furniture should be simple and functional: the sideboard has two doors and a drawer and the table is in the form of four wooden boards. On the material side, we associate wood with wicker.

Textured wood

La Redoute ### The main material of the country style is wood! We choose it quite clear and preferably with visible grooves. The knots in the wood thus bring an authentic style to the furniture.