Bedside tables that are not lacking in originality

Bedside tables that are not lacking in originality

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She sits next to our bed sometimes without even being noticed. We put a lamp, a book or an alarm clock there and therefore turns out to be an essential room in the bedroom. The bedside table is no longer only functional today but appears as a real decorative element. We have selected 10 that will not go unnoticed in your interior.

Hanging on the wall

Julien Vidame To give the bedroom a modern side, you can opt for this wavy and very design model that attaches to the wall. Its many folds allow you to store all your belongings and your reading in progress.

Hourglass style

La Redoute In a contemporary and very airy style, you can bet on an hourglass-shaped bedside table. Its white metal wires give it the impression of being mounted on springs and bring a very refined side.

Old crate

Parra We don't always think about it, but recycling is a good way to create unique and original objects. Old wine or apple crates are improvised in the bedroom with great style.

Savannah spirit

Maisons du Monde In the children's room, we put on very playful bedside tables like this model in the shape of a giraffe. It goes perfectly with a savannah style with other accessories such as a tree-shaped headboard.

Old can

Maisons du Monde Old canisters regain a second youth once they have been retyped at the bedside table. Installed in a children's bedroom with a Formula 1 theme or in an industrial-style adult bedroom, they prove to be real decorative elements.

Futuristic bedside table

La Redoute In a contemporary style bedroom, opt for a bedside table with rounded lines and a futuristic look. We adopt it in taupe color to accompany a clear and refined decoration.

Wooden cubes

AM PM To give a warm and cocooning feel to the room, put on a wooden log as a bedside table. Very trendy, we dare to install several to deposit lamp, books or even small decorative plant.

Chinese Cabinet

Maisons du Monde In a little girl's room with Asian decor, bet on a miniature Chinese cabinet that turns into a bedside table. Choose it in a color like purple or pink to harmonize it with the room.

A stool as a bedside table

Ikéa A very simple and yet well thought out idea, a stool installed near the bed can become a bedside table in its own right. In raw wood or painted black, it brings a touch of character to the room.


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