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Deciphering Téva Déco: a Zen room

Deciphering Téva Déco: a Zen room

In the Téva Déco apartment, Sophie Ferjani and Thomas Lecointe adopt the "Zen attitude". This time, they will decorate the room in a Zen spirit which is inspired by the precepts of the rising sun. Wood, clean lines, light colors are at the rendezvous of this new decorating challenge.

Three big ideas

Marie ETCHEGOYEN / Teva Déco - First of all, the two decorators chose to create a soft and refined envelope. In terms of colors, they will be soothing and rather clear with a matt appearance. - Then Sophie and Thomas will use natural and simple materials. - And finally, they will refine by arranging accessories with clean lines and no frills.

Make way for wall decor

Marie ETCHEGOYEN / Teva Déco In order to create a very neutral decor, the walls were painted in light khaki. A matt finish has been favored to reinforce a soft comfort. To continue the Asian spirit, a "Japanese straw" effect wallpaper has been upholstered on the ceiling and on part of the walls. The alcove was covered with plaster facing plates.

On the ground

Marie ETCHEGOYEN / Teva Déco Vinyl with a "woven" effect lines the floor. It recalls the tatami mats of classic interiors.

New closets

Marie ETCHEGOYEN / Teva Déco The modern wooden cupboard is restyled using square wooden cleats and paper that imitates Japanese screenings. The effect is instantaneous and this for less than 100 euros!

Do it yourself

Marie ETCHEGOYEN / Teva Déco Here, Thomas and Sophie decorated the walls by painting a large circle themselves with golden wax. Applied to the cloth, it recalls hammered gongs. A branch of cherry blossom is also painted on the wall facing the bed.

The night space

Marie ETCHEGOYEN / Teva Déco A bed is placed in the center of the alcove. It is a futon which, contrary to popular belief, has nothing to envy to traditional Western beds.

The predominant wood

Marie ETCHEGOYEN / Teva Déco Shelves, cupboard doors, tray, wall composition inspired by Mikado are made of light wood. Both zen and soothing, wood is a safe bet for establishing a Japanese spirit in a room.

Accessories side

Marie ETCHEGOYEN / Teva Deco The decor takes place in the bedroom. Above all, don't have a heavy hand! Only a few carefully selected objects are placed prominently on the shelves. Here, no accumulation!

And There you go !

Marie ETCHEGOYEN / Teva Déco The bet is won! The room has been transformed. One has the impression of being in Japan. All the ingredients are there for you to get inspired.