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Decorative coaching: Sophie's entry

Decorative coaching: Sophie's entry

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Our interior design coach helps readers of. Today, she advises Sophie, who wants to make a cozy and contemporary entry. If, like Sophie, you want advice on how to redecorate a room, try to win decoration coaching too!





** Energize and structure the entrance ** - A work on color will energize and structure the entrance and make it cozy. - Paint the 3 molded doors and door frames with a special mouse gray woodwork paint: this is a current shade perfect for charming atmospheres. It will accentuate these molded elements of character. Design tip: change the door handles with porcelain handles to add a touch of charm. - Paint the walls and the ceiling in a very soft beige close to a linen shade to create a very soothing and cozy "box" entry. - On both sides of the WC door: paint two panels with a magnetic undercoat. Above, apply a chalkboard paint in an Earth tint. Design tip: you will be able to create a table of lively and attractive memories by writing or drawing with a white erasable pen, and display your family photos using magnets.


** Compose a practical and welcoming entrance ** To compose a practical and welcoming entrance, arrange and accessorize your entrance as follows: - Bring a side that is both comfortable and practical to your entrance by replacing the console with a wooden bench and metal. You will be able to sit there and put on your shoes (this is practical for children). - Add fabric or metal baskets to the low shelf to store small items (scarves, gloves, etc.) Lighting tip: to accentuate the bench seat effect, place an arm sconce to plug in to the right of the bench to create a point bright dedicated to this space. - The entrance cannot accommodate a lot of furniture due to the multiple doors; so we suggest you bet on smart storage and hanging on the walls. - Side of main entrance door: place original wooden coat hooks in a random way to hang scarves and jackets in a fun and aesthetic way in the immediate vicinity of the door. - Between the closet and the bedroom access door, place a beautiful oval mirror to dress this section of wall. - On the intercom wall side, on the table wall section, add a small picture rail to place keys and storage compartment about 1.10 m high. ** Create a cozy hallway with light fixtures and textiles ** Make your hallway cozy by giving it more light thanks to decorative lights and generous curtains. - At the ceiling, place a multi-cable ceiling light to connect two suspensions instead of one. Attach hooks and run the suspension wire to separate the 2 suspensions of 130 cm (at regular intervals along the length of the entrance). Decorative tip: this double decorative pendant is ideal for occupying volume. - Choose wicker suspensions for a very warm nature note. They ensure good light distribution and create light effects thanks to the openwork wicker. - Replace the sliding doors with 3 beautiful lined linen curtains by attaching them to a metal rod. Check the height under the ceiling, the curtains must touch the floor. With these large curtains, the space will immediately become softer and more elegant. Decorative tip: to finish converting the storage bench into a bench, place a long mattress cushion on it and several small colored cushions.




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