Decorative coaching: Sorania's dining room

Decorative coaching: Sorania's dining room

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Our interior design coach helps readers of. Today, she advises Sorania, who wants to make her dining room a cocooning space. If, like Sorania, you want advice on how to redecorate a room, try to win decoration coaching too!




** Paint the ceiling to brighten ** To bring light to the room and give it height under the ceiling, paint the paneling of the ceiling in white. Two ways to proceed: - Either you sand the paneling before applying a primer which will then allow you to paint your ceiling. - Either you apply a printing undercoat which will avoid the sanding step. Before attacking, take advice from a specialist who will tell you the best suitable product. Our advice: don't forget to respect the drying times and ventilate the room well when painting. ** Modernize with color ** Your room is large with beautiful volumes, put it in perspective with a duo of gray. - A medium gray facing the kitchen, on the large wall of the window - A soft gray on all the other walls and on the upper part of the fireplace. Decorative tip: all the woodwork, as well as the depth of the French window, can be painted black if you want to bring an even more contemporary atmosphere. - Paint the large sideboard in a slightly more intense anthracite gray. - As for your table, it will look quite different if you paint the top in pearl gray and the base, including the feet, in a shade close to black. DIY tip: sand the tray before painting or apply a printing undercoat to avoid sanding. - Sand the varnish of your knitted hat so that it regains its original light color. - Also paint the base of your floor lamp in black: this will give it a completely different look. Place it near the fireplace in your relaxation area. Color tip: the idea is to create a shades of gray to highlight each element while creating harmony, and enhance the set of touches of black.


** Rearrange the space ** - To optimize your room, clear the space by pushing the large sideboard as close as possible to the wall of the window. - The bonnetiere is to be placed on the other side of the rounded opening in place of your small table where you put the phone. - Install your relaxation area near the fireplace with two small white armchairs, a side table with clean lines and your revamped floor lamp. Color tip: choose the armchairs in white to wake up the set of shades of gray. ** Warm up the whole ** - Create a cocooning atmosphere by softening the general atmosphere with different shades of beige, the natural wood touches of the chairs and stools of the table. - Dress the window, the French window and the opening overlooking the staircase with curtains to give the impression of a real cocoon. - On the floor in the relaxation area, a carpet of natural fibers warms this fireplace space. - Add indirect light sources, table lamps / spotlights near the large buffet, to finish creating a soft and relaxing atmosphere.




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