Direction the beach and his favorite decorating accomplices!

Direction the beach and his favorite decorating accomplices!

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For those who will have the pleasure of diving their feet in the hot sand then in the salt water this summer, here are 10 pieces of furniture and accessories to take away or to find on a private beach, to dream a little before your departure on vacation…

Sunbeds for sunbathing

Sailbag ### On the fine sand, the Chileans become perfect allies for reading, relaxation and sunbathing breaks! And it's even better when they take care of their aesthetics; with numbered patterns for example, for a hyper stylized rendering.

A bed, and sleeping becomes a luxury

Truffaut ### The trend for outdoor beds on the beach? This is a luxury offered by some private addresses ... But since nothing prevents us from dreaming, we let ourselves be carried by this superb canopy model, the sails in the wind which calls for lounging far from everything!

An armchair to admire the ocean

Maisons du Monde ### Equipped with an armchair folded in 3 to take to the beach with you, we ensure a royal place facing the ocean.

A hammock for exquisite relaxation

Ikéa ### Synonymous with vacations and idleness, the hammock has no trouble sneaking onto the beach to sell us a little dream. Be careful not to be jealous!

Decorative beach towels

Ikéa ### The cult accessory of the beach is her: the bath towel. But who says privileged vacation says decoration at will, then we put on models full of color and patterns to surf the summer trend. Live the summer !

A dining table for lunch at the foot of the dunes

Maisons du Monde ### Better than a menu of shellfish and crustaceans, the dining table offers us the surprise of an unusual lunch on the water, or almost. On the menu: two benches and a foldable table, for easy transport to a lonely beach.

A coffee table and bright chairs

Maisons du Monde ### At the foot of a coconut tree, you install one, two or three bright pieces of furniture in order to improvise an enchanting terrace area just a stone's throw from the sea. Simply magical.

A sofa like in the living room

Maisons du Monde ### In some chic seaside hotels, bars or restaurants, you have the privilege of having your feet in the sand while being comfortably seated on a sofa. Time to enjoy the view while sipping a cocktail.