10 DIY for a tavern decoration

10 DIY for a tavern decoration

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Summer period requires, the guinguette decor is in the spotlight with its festive spirit and its bright colors! A joyful theme that brilliantly mixes natural materials and a retro atmosphere to give life to summer events. Colorful garlands, gingham pattern, wood and aluminum ... A rich mixture that gives rise to a friendly atmosphere and a touch of vintage, ideal to decorate our living spaces with a cheerful touch in this hot season!

Guaranteed authenticity with a touch of raw wood Who says gathering says dining area. And what could be better than a touch of character to reveal the charm of a table decoration? Make way for wood in this guinguette spirit that mixes rustic style and festive objects. We then opt for the coffee table made from simple wooden pallets. A practical and original garden furniture, reusable at will.

Souvenir of a guinguette day Meeting family and friends over a meal is also an opportunity to pamper those we love with little attention. And to stay in a friendly spirit, this DIY offers the making of surprise baskets filled with aromatics. Kraft paper, earth and young shoots are enough to make these surprise bags. Something to delight guests with originality, leaving them with memories that are as visual as they are tasty!

A cheese bar for my tavern meal More than just a decorative theme, the guinguette style symbolizes the art of French hospitality. No wonder then to find cheeses in this typical atmosphere. We put on an authentic presentation, but neat in order to stage this great French tradition. A wooden servant, pennants and a gingham tablecloth come together to present the different cheeses to the guests. A chic and tasty self-service, perfect for an aperitif with friends!

Tealight holders for my tavern decoration We start the festivities with small touches of light carefully worked to echo the theme of the evening. Simple and quick, the creation of candle jars allows you to transform lighting into a charming decorative object. Old jars, tracing paper and felt-tip pens make up the winning trio of this creative workshop, which can be varied endlessly according to the style chosen. Inscriptions or graphic shapes adorn the candles: perfect for lighting up the dining table!

The art of recycling in the guinguette style With its combination of materials and its vintage look, the tavern decor is trendy. So do not hesitate to present your recipes and other delicacies in homemade containers! The aluminum can, de rigueur, finds a second life once customized with masking tape, burlap or even wood. A simple and daring mixture for a 100% guinguette result!

The guinguette table marker for a gourmet picnic How better to advertise a gourmet meal than by decorating your decor with neat table-marks? Easy to make, these guinguette-style menus require very little material: masking tape with a gingham pattern, card stock, black paint and white felt and voila! A quick and simple creative workshop that will help put the water in your guests' mouths before tasting.

Gingham cutlery pouch If by chance the vichy, synonymous with the quintessential guinguette spirit, had not been able to conquer you on the decor side, know that it can also slip into the table to give it a little tone! This cutlery pouch is made using simple printed paper. So think about applying this simple and effective concept, whatever the theme of the festivities!

Sweet words for a big table We stay in a natural atmosphere by combining the pep of festive colors with the warm spirit of wood. Here, little words or place cards adopt a light typography and take pride of place on wooden logs. A quick creation to set up thanks to a few pieces of wood recovered from the bottom of the garden or during a walk.

Colorful windmills for my tavern decor

The inspired bride - The final touch? The colour ! Choose a decorative element to decline and sprinkle it around the house or garden. The windmill is here in the spotlight with its geometric shape and its guinguette spirit. In the grass, in flower pots or in a container in the form of a bouquet, it sneaks where you want to liven up the festivities.


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