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10 sofas spotted at Ikea

10 sofas spotted at Ikea

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Spring makes you want a new sofa? No way to go wrong by choosing this centerpiece of your living room! To give you a little boost, the editorial staff walked through the aisles of the Ikea brand and invites you to discover its 10 favorites. Visit in pictures.

A cozy sofa

Ikea If you want a lounge with a sober style and a comfortable atmosphere, we advise you to adopt the Stocksund sofa from Ikea without further delay. With its large, plump cushions, the whole family will enjoy spending a good time there. 499 euros

Classic chic

Ikea Notice to all lovers of chic and classic sofas but who do not wish to ruin themselves, the Ektorp model of Ikea in beige fabric is only worth 379 euros. How not to crack? 379 euros

A boost in the living room

Ikea Want to rekindle the flame of the dark wooden furniture on which you have bet in your living room? Nothing could be simpler, just place this elegant mustard yellow sofa in the middle of the room. 569 euros

Cottage style

Ikea With its classic shape, its cover that covers the feet and its pink striped fabric, this sofa immerses us in a traditional English cottage. Refined and delicate, we let ourselves be charmed… 499 euros

The sofa for small spaces

Ikea Small apartments will love this practical two-seater navy blue sofa! The plus: its deep and soft seat provides comfort and perfect support for your back. 429 euros

Play the pastel card

Ikea Thanks to this sky blue sofa, which can be tailored to your needs, you can bring freshness and softness to your living room, while meeting the needs of the whole family. 999 euros

Harlequin style

Ikea Need to wake up your white living room with a good dose of color? So look no further, the harlequin fabric sofa from Ikea is without a doubt the one for you! 259 euros

Dare to go green

Ikea We no longer present it, as it blew our eyes when it came out in 2013, the Stockholm sofa in green velvet has not said its last word! We are not complicated, we love it! 1199 euros

Welcome to Scandinavia

Ikea With its pretty light gray cover and its feet in blond wood, this sofa takes us on a trip to the pleasant Nordic countries. To accompany it, we add some graphic accessories, and voila! 559 euros


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