20 tips for tidying up your workshop

20 tips for tidying up your workshop

A tape dispenser

Popular Woodworking

One, two, three, four… thanks to this very clever homemade production, you will not waste precious minutes to find the beginning of your rolls of scotch. Source: Popular Woodworking

Recovered boxes for hardware

At Larsson

Nails, screws, nuts, washers ... fasteners, if not stored properly, can quickly put the mess in your workshop. To easily find and access them, we advise you this good idea: fix by the cover of plastic boxes recovered. Smart, right? Source: Chez Larsson

Hanging cans

Doodle craft

You don't know what to do with your used cans? Rather than throwing them away, give them a new life in your workshop to store your small tools such as screwdrivers, glue tubes or your pencils. Source: Doodle Craft

Holes for screwdrivers


Nothing could be easier to store your screwdrivers in an organized way! Drill holes at a good distance on a wooden batten and slide them by the blade! Source: Lumberjocks

A magnetic bar

First4magnets - Better Homes and Gardens

To always have your tools at hand, use a magnetic bar that you will attach above your worktop. Practical and inexpensive, we keep the idea! Sources: First4magnets & Better Homes and Gardens

A palette on the wall

Dump a Day

Attach a large pallet to the wall, add functional shelves here and there, and there you are with an ultra-practical and inexpensive storage unit for your workshop. Source: Dump a Day

Use PVC pipes


To prevent your extensions from getting tangled in a corner of your workshop, wrap them around PVC pipes attached to the wall. You can also hang your drills on them after having cut them to the right size. Sources: Pinterest & Pinterest

Practice the pegboard!

Mom 4 Real

With four large pieces of pegboard, casters and a few hooks, you can create the same storage unit in your workshop. Yes, yes, we swear to you, watch the tutorial! Source: Mom 4 Real

Muffin tins

The Family Handy Man

To store nails, pegs ... without breaking the bank, you can perfectly use aluminum muffin cups. Simply placed or fixed in such a way that they can rotate, it's up to you! Source: The Family Handy Man

Uncoilers on the wall

Newly woodwards

To easily unroll tape, gaffer, bubble wrap or even kraft paper, make yourself unwinders using a simple curtain rod. Economical and practical, we love the idea! Source: Newly Woodwards

Cut pie pans

Family Handyman

To store your circular blades and abrasive discs, cut metal pie dishes in half and attach them to the wall of your workshop. Source: The Family Handyman

A workbench that you fold up

Bench Solution

Traditional workbenches are almost all made the same way: a wooden board mounted on four feet. And when you have to bring a workshop and a car into a garage, it is not always possible to install one. The best idea therefore remains to design yourself a model that folds up once the small jobs are completed. Source: Bench Solution

Slide pegboards


Thanks to a few wooden planks and cut perforated panels, you can easily access your tools with a simple sliding system. Source: Pinterest

Magnetic boxes

The Family Handyman

To be the king of organization in the workshop, we strongly recommend that you multiply the magnetic bars. This will allow you, for example, to attach these transparent boxes on which the washers have been glued. Source: The Family Handyman

Shower curtain rings

Family Handyman

To functionally store all of your nuts and washers, simply use shower curtain rings. Hang them on hooks, and voila! Source: The Family Handyman

A wall tool book

The Family Handyman

To hang your screwdrivers, keys or circular disks, mount a few wooden boards of the same size on hinges so as to create a book. Practical, right? Source: The Family Handyman

Hooks for the broom

The Family Handyman

These plastic hooks, used by plumbers to support pipes, are extremely strong and inexpensive. So, we don't hesitate to fix two in the workshop to hang the outdoor broom. Source: The Family Handyman

A shelf for garden tools

The Family Handyman

If like us, you have the annoying tendency to pile up in a corner of the workshop, rake, shovel, spade or broom, here is the ideal solution to stop: a homemade wooden shelf. At your hammers! Source: The Family Handyman

PVC pipes


To whom it has never happened to look everywhere for his cutter or pencil of paper in his workshop raise your hand! To remedy this problem, we advise you this good trick made with PVC pipes. Source: Pinterest