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The Eiffel Tower invites itself into the decor

The Eiffel Tower invites itself into the decor

Because Paris never ceases to conquer the hearts of its inhabitants and its visitors, the decor dedicates a poem to it called "Eiffel Tower". Available as an object, a light, a canvas or a motif, the one that is the very soul of the City of Lights turns our heads.


Castorama ### Through his black and white photographs, Robert Doisneau paid a beautiful tribute to Paris. A tribute that extends into the house thanks to a gallery-style wall decoration.


Castorama ### Lying on the ground, this painting represents the most famous monument in Paris on a red background, followed closely by the iconic Empire State Building in New York…


Les 3 Suisses ### The chic silhouette of the Iron Lady is outlined against a set of gray and neon yellow cushions.


Alinéa ### Parisian attitude in the teenage bedroom thanks to a wall Eiffel tower that sets the tone.


Maisons du Monde ### Retro plunge into the dining room, furnished with a metallic cupboard on which the imperial silhouette of the Eiffel Tower is drawn.


Bus ### Revisited in pink, the Eiffel Tower adopts a girly look perfect for slightly offbeat wall decors.


La Redoute ### Another photograph of the Eiffel Tower in black and white in the decor. Except that this time she prefers to play it modern rather than retro, dressing a piece of furniture rather than the wall. So design!


Maisons du Monde ### Here are plans to build the Eiffel Tower to decorate the walls in style!

Street lamp

Delamaison ### With its base inspired by the Eiffel Tower, this floor lamp seeks to create a monumental effect that does not go unnoticed in the living room. Bet won!