Coatings that evoke softness

Coatings that evoke softness

Winter or summer, day of good weather or rain, we have fun once back home with coatings that call for relaxation and evoke softness. Pattern or material, kitchen or bedroom, it's up to you to inspire yourself to create a unique universe in your interior.

Leather above the bed

Leather squared Noble material, leather is also synonymous with softness if it is well worked. Here we find it smoothed and as pre-cut, for the manufacture of a headboard. We choose it in a light and warm color to emphasize the softness of the texture.

Leather as a motif

Cuir au Carré At Cuir au Carré, leather is found in the bedroom without any problem. In XXL format and in orange, it becomes a motif and enlivens the very white and minimalist room with its decoration. Guaranteed softness with a suitable light atmosphere.

White as an awakening Color or non-color, whatever the answer, white is synonymous with peace and rest. Associated with a refined decoration and a lot of light the softness is here more elusive but just as present.

Japanese signs

Heytens Curtains, net curtains or Japanese panel, here again it is white that seduces us with its transparency and natural lightness. Also remember to highlight materials from nature: linen, cotton ... which brings comfort.

The blue that highlights

Ikéa On a wall or an entire room, you can also tint your white to make it draw on a pastel blue. Perfect in the child's bedroom or the bathroom, he can also be useful in the parents' room or in the hall. Be careful not to choose it too strongly.

The soothing pink

Ikéa A more feminine version for painting, pink, clear or candy, moreover, has all the arguments to seduce little girls and apprentice princesses. But these gentlemen will appreciate finding it by touch in the bathroom or in a band along the corridor.

The reasons that fly away

Paperboywallpaper What's sweeter and more poetic than flying birds. On closer inspection, these are actually shadow puppets made from hands. Choose to cover a section of wall, more would be difficult for your eyes to bear, with such a regular pattern.

Embroidered flowers

Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren invites us to relax with this range of home accessories. And the editorial staff cracked for these transparent panels where embroidered flowers come to rest as left there by nature. Our favorite when it comes to sweetness at home with this screen inspired by Japan.

Flowers and colors

Saint Maclou Flowers are essential when talking about sweetness, just like light colors. Saint-Maclou offers us here to bring the two together with a wallpaper that takes up the principle of the Jouy-en-Josas canvas. Again, be careful not to cover all the walls in the room.