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10 gifts for mothers under 10 euros

10 gifts for mothers under 10 euros

Soon Mother's Day! Your kids will therefore bend over backwards to please their mom and we admit, we love the idea! But it would still be a little sad to see them break their piggy bank and swallow up all their little savings. So we got ten smart gift ideas for them that won't put them on the straw. To stand out of course for a birthday or any other occasion!

A nice notebook

Silly & Billy To write down ideas, important dates, all mothers deserve a small notebook to keep on hand! This one, signed Silly & Billy and illustrated by the Lyonnaise Sonia Cavallini, is printed on 300 g thick paper, with a mat finish. 10.5 cm x 14.8 cm (A6 format), 5.50 euros To buy here

A dream catcher

Zoé confetti This is the big trend of the moment, all mothers dream of a dream catcher to hang above their bed. Here is one at a low price for a little bohemian chic touch that will make him happy. 9.99 euros Buy at Zoé Confetti

A badge or magnet

Princesse aux bidouilles She can choose to staple her favorite jacket or stick it in the fridge. A very pretty creation of the Princess with the hackles for a price attention! 32 mm in diameter, 4 euros To buy here

A relaxing soap

Greenma This is a soap that will immediately speak to all mothers! In addition to being soothing, scented with organic essential oils of lavandin and petitgrain bitter orange, it is nourishing, protective, 100% of organic origin. Finally, good final point, it is made in France. 100 g, 8.60 euros To buy here

A hanging basket

Bianca & Family No bouquet this year, we are innovating! By opting for a succulent - much more robust - and associating it with this small basket with palm leaf handles to hang, made in an artisanal way. 11x16.5 / 9.5cmx 40cm, 9.90 euros To buy here

Paper flowers

Adeline Klam Because receiving flowers as a gift is always very touching, especially for a mother, here is the solution: eternal flowers, handcrafted in crepe paper. Creations by Adeline Klam. And at that price, you can even buy two! 3.50 euros per unit To buy here

A set of bird nests

The Collection To share a manual activity with mom and offer her an original and poetic gift, here is a set of 6 paper bird nests to assemble. Then to disperse throughout the house for a decoration full of freshness! 6 x 8 x 4.3 cm, € 9.95 Buy here

A mug for moms

Minimall What could be better than a mug - of steaming coffee or tea, depending on taste - to deliver a nice message in the morning to your mom? This one, it’s forbidden to bite him at breakfast! 9.90 euros Buy here

A wooden card

Mini Labo A card for Mother's Day, you will tell us, so far nothing very original. Yes, but this is far from ordinary: its botanical illustration was printed on wood from fair trade forests in Eastern Europe. A robust card, which never gets stuck and that mom can keep forever! 7 euros To buy here