Decorative coaching: Annick's living room

Decorative coaching: Annick's living room

Our interior design coach helps readers of. Today, she advises Annick, who wants to redesign her living room. If, like Annick, you want advice on how to redecorate a room, try to win decoration coaching too!




** Use the color on the walls to warm ** - A light gray called pewter, a warm shade of gray close to a beige, to be placed on the back wall and on the wall facing the window. - A slate gray, deeper, to position on the wall of the window: when the outside light enters the room, it will be reflected on the clear wall and will envelop your living room in a soft atmosphere. Color tip: opt for a matt texture or a powdery appearance that will bring more depth to the living room. Slate gray is chosen to enhance the volumes. ** Create a warm atmosphere thanks to the nuances of shades ** The shades of the furniture which draw the ambiance of your living room are as many responses to the two shades of the walls: - Gray, beige, white and black are available in many nuances to enhance your interior. - Mirror frames above the sofa highlight the wall and bring a contemporary touch to the living room. - A large black and white photo on canvas or one of your personal photos elegantly responds to the frames. - The curtains, the pendant light, the small armchair, the stool and the cushion play on the beige card.


** Give a more contemporary style ** - The furniture is set up in a setting forming an imaginary circle for more conviviality. - Opt for a large gray corner sofa that will accommodate children, and will make the link between the parents' different color desires (your husband loves black and white contrast) - A large linen pendant lamp dresses the ceiling and helps to work light by diffusing it gently. - Keep your metal and glass coffee table: it is the counterpart of the new glass and metal TV cabinet. - Place the TV cabinet in front of the wall next to the wood stove. - This TV cabinet has two shelves, you can use them to store your logs. - Dress the windows with beautiful curtains that touch the floor: this reinforces the feeling of privacy and real comfort ** The office area ** - The office is discreet thanks to the choice of furniture that composes it: a console. - Little depth for a real saving of space, the console is placed in the same place as the old desk. - But it now has a place assumed and is much easier to access. - Its look in white lacquer reflects light and contrasts with the slate wall. - Accessorize the office corner with an auxiliary light by a white articulated floor lamp as well as a stool - An office corner which keeps a functional and practical spirit while being trendy.