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20 DIY for a pirate birthday

20 DIY for a pirate birthday

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Here is a birthday theme that may appeal to little boys (and why not little girls)! Piracy offers you a multitude of decorative ideas to make yourself and at low cost. The proof in pictures with our 20 DIY ideas found on Pinterest.

A pirate sword

Ikatbag Keep your rolls of absorbent paper, wrap them in aluminum foil, add a piece of cardboard to create a handle and let your children have fun with their new homemade sword. * Source: Ikatbag *

A pirate ship

Stitched by Crystal Big boxes, paint and a lot of patience will be needed to build this pirate ship for children! * Source: Stitched by Crystal *

A pirate hook

All for the Boys To make this threatening hook, nothing could be simpler! Drill a plastic cup, make your hook in aluminum foil, stick it and there is the work! * Source: All for the Boys *

A disguised banana

Lia Griffith To make children want to eat fruit at their birthday party, disguise the bananas with funny cardboard pirate costumes. * Source: Lia Griffith *

A cupcake made up in a boat

Growing up Bilingual So that even your cupcakes are in the theme, transform them into a pirate ship with a hull-shaped box, and sails made of striped cardboard. * Source: Growing up Bilingual *

A newspaper hat

All for the Boys With the help of a large sheet of newspaper and a few folds specified in the tutorial, this pirate hat can be assembled in no time. * Source: All for the Boys *

A cardboard pirate hat

My Little Day Cut out the shape of a hat from cardboard, paint the visible side in black and stick a skull sticker. Finally, tape a piece of wood to hold it in your hand and let yourself be photographed. * Source: My Little Day *

A pirate's eye patch

Graces Favors It is well known that pirates often have a black eye patch covered with a skull in their outfit. What if you make your own with felt and elastic? * Source: Graces Favors *

A treasure chest

Makedo No pirate birthday without a treasure chest! If the latter made out of cardboard does not reveal gold coins, it can on the other hand contain delicious candies! * Source: Makedo *

A pirate spyglass

Craftnerdsunite Cover your rolls of paper towels with brown paper and make some rings in gold paper, and you are with a beautiful spyglass of pirates! * Source: Craftnerdsunite *

An invitation for the occasion

Kirstyneale Burn the edges of your invitation for a parchment result, slip the rolled sheet into a glass jar then glue a small head of edge. You just have to distribute them to your guests. * Source: Kirstyneale *

Paper pirate ships

Oh Happy Day After printing your patterns, you will have to be patient to make these magnificent pirate ships. We let you follow the tutorial! * Source: Oh Happy Day *

A pirate pinata

Super Mommy Kids love it and they make a difference every birthday. Who ? But the pinatas of course! Equipped with cardboard, glue and crepe paper, all you have to do is get started! * Source: Super Mommy *

An invitation on a toothpick

Life with Fingerprints Cut out sails and a flag from cardboard, print all the information you need for your little party, then let your invitations wander to your guests. * Source: Life with Fingerprints *

Stickers in the theme

Minireyve Pirate stickers to customize toothpicks, plastic cups or glass jars? Here is a good idea! In addition, it's easy to do! * Source: Minireyve *

A popcorn bag

All for the Boys Buy kraft paper bags, stick a small piece of tape so that the bottom does not move when printing and print your pirate logo. Nice, right? * Source: All for the Boys *

A pirate mess

Burlap and Denim No question that your animation is not in the theme of the day! Print images from the world of piracy and paste them on the canned goods of your bedroom! * Source: Burlap and Denim *

A hat with a feather

Paris Bourke Felt, old lace, a bright red ostrich feather, this is what you will need to make this elegant pirate hat. * Source: Paris Bourke *

A pirate costume

Your Homebased Mom If your guests are not disguised for the occasion, make a pirate character out of cardboard with just an opening to pass the head! * Source: Your Homebased Mom *