Industrial style seen by Mickael

Industrial style seen by Mickael

Even if I don't live in Brooklyn - someday maybe! - or in a disused factory superbly renovated by an architect, I am an unconditional fan of industrial decoration. I like the loft atmosphere, the antique furniture, the raw materials, the patinated leathers ... I'll take you around the owner?

Never without my bike

Pexels I like cycling. I love the freedom it brings me in town as in the countryside. I like his skillful design. So, I pamper my gables and always keep my bike in my living room - much to the dismay of my other half! For me, it is almost part of my decor. He says who I am!

Loft-style dining room

Maisons du Monde In the center of this spacious dining room, with brick walls (my dream!) And beautiful weathered parquet, there is a table that seems straight out of a factory with its metal legs and its raw wood surrounded by aged metal chairs. I like the choice of mismatching the colors of the chairs! Multipl's metal industrial chair, Maisons du Monde, 99.99 euros

Take out the guitars!

Pexels Failing to know how to play the guitar - one day I will learn! -, I found this nice guitar case that I use while waiting to use it for its real use of small storage, placed on the floor.

Factory atmosphere

Maisons du Monde This dining room recreates a workshop atmosphere: the workshop glass roof not only brings light but also depth to the room while the furniture seems to have been found in an old workshop - beautiful and practical with lots of storage! The extra thing: the machine gear clock. I love ! Industrial metal clock Gear, Maisons du Monde, 99.99 euros

What time is it in New York?

Pexels The city I dream of living in? New York obviously! I would even say Brooklyn to be precise. Loft paradise! I remember the idea of ​​hanging clocks at my house that would indicate the time in major cities around the world.

Raw and recycled industrial style

Maisons du Monde Proof that those who say that the industrial style is cold are wrong: this show is incredibly warm! The beautiful cognac color of the leather sofa, the raw and recycled wood of the sideboard and the shelves that meet on either side of the living room. And finally these nesting coffee tables. Perfectly pure! Chevron recycled wood and metal nesting coffee tables, Maisons du Monde, € 435

Brick wall

Pexels I want a brick wall in my living room! On its own, it creates cohesion in the room. Authentic and warm. And whatever the color of the bricks, brick red - it cannot be invented - or white. I like everything.

Indus' flea market

Maisons du Monde The industrial style fan shares with the fan of the vintage style the love of furniture and objects that have a history ... I too, on weekends, get up early to go to flea markets or in garage sales, find the rare piece! In the meantime, I appreciate my patinated leather Chesterfield sofa. Vintage 3 seater Chesterfield sofa, Maisons du Monde, € 1,450

Vinyl collection

Pexels In the attic, I am always on the lookout for cool vinyls - to listen of course but also to display in my loft on my raw wooden shelves.