ÖNSKEDRÖM, when Ikea uses the illustrations of Olle Eksell in its new collection

ÖNSKEDRÖM, when Ikea uses the illustrations of Olle Eksell in its new collection

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Disappeared in 2007, Olle Eksell is one of the most talented Swedish graphic designers of his generation. His illustrations, imagined to make everyday life happier, have found pride of place on the products of the new Ikea collection. Coasters, tray, pendulum, cushions or even bed linen, bring fun with ease in your interior thanks to the new ÖNSKEDRÖM.

A fun pendulum

Ikea Add a touch of fun to the decoration of your entrance wall or kitchen with this pendulum with funny patterns in black and white. 8.99 euros

Childish skyscrapers

Ikea Urban landscape on this mug and these storage boxes on which skyscrapers, clouds and childish trees line up nicely in bright colors. Mug: 1.99 euros Boxes: 9.99 euros for 3

Colorful matches

Ikea Original this cushion on which dozens of colorful matches have taken place! Ideal for waking up a slightly too classic black sofa. 3.99 euros

A black and white drawing

Ikea For more sobriety, you can however opt for this black and white cushion where many birds take a break. 3.99 euros

Love on set

Ikea Too cute this tray on which love is waiting for you thanks to these two funny birds. Accompany it with paper towels with the same patterns and voila! Paper towels: 1.99 euros for 30 trays: 4.99 euros

Black and white cards

Ikea To frame or hang, these cards with funny bird prints slip into the four corners of the house. We dare! 1.49 euros for 5

Children's bed linen

Ikea Orange and green, playful patterns, the bed linen imagined with the illustrations of the Swedish graphic designer will energize the children's room. 19.95 euros

Birds on coasters

Ikea Covered with the famous little birds of Olle Eksell, the coasters can be taken out for any occasion. 0.99 euros for 10

Crack the matches

Ikea We love these minimalist posters that take the form of a simple match. Black or multicolored, it's up to you! 5.99 euros one