Little Greene presents its exterior paintings for spring 2015

Little Greene presents its exterior paintings for spring 2015

Metallic surfaces, woodwork, bricks and stone, Little Greene has thought of all your outdoor surfaces with its collection of 2015 paints. Available in many colors, these new products will give a good boost to your garden. Demonstration.

Oil for metal surfaces

Little Greene In its new products, Little Greene offers a whole range of oil paints intended for metal surfaces ideal against weathering and corrosion. Look how this iron barrier throws in with its new light gray coating!

A special wood paint

Little Greene To make your window frames shine again, apply a nice special exterior woodwork paint to them. Remember to wash and sand your wood well to create optimal adhesion. We fell in love with this bluish gray, and you?

A new look for your brick facade

Little Greene Thanks to a 100% acrylic formulation and a subtle matte finish, your stone, bricks and cement are perfectly protected and the result is superb.

A rich palette

Little Greene Pink, blue, yellow, purple, give life to your exterior by daring colors less expected than natural colors!

A welcome in blue

Little Greene To accompany the red brick of your home, we love the idea of ​​an elegant sky blue door.

The blue hut

Little Greene Like a beach hut, your little garden chalet is adorned this summer with a pretty dark blue!

Vary the shades

Little Greene Turquoise blue for the metal armchair, lemon yellow for the wooden stool, black for the facade of the outbuilding, don't be afraid to vary the colors in the garden!

Renovate your wrought iron

Little Greene If your wrought iron garden furniture has lost its superb appearance, repaint it with a Little Greene paint intended for this purpose!