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10 DIY table decorations for wedding

10 DIY table decorations for wedding

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Marriage is great. But marriage costs an arm. This is why more and more people in the D system every day are extending this way of life on the day of the ceremony. Without turning tacky, we are for the decoration which will make a nice effect to the guests without putting us on the straw. It would be a shame if you ran out of money to buy the dress of your dreams or go on a honeymoon! This is why, to ensure table decoration, an essential element on D-Day, we have compiled 10 recycled ideas here. A little bit of mischief and time in front of you, finally enough for a beautiful wedding decor!

Placemats transformed into baskets

Melody Fulone Do you also have grandmother's doilies collecting dust? Yep, here they are reused and upgraded at the same time. With a mixture of glue and water and using a mold (here a plastic glass of water) give them the shape of pretty lace baskets. Then use to drag tealights or sugared almonds. The tutorial in detail here

Dyed napkins

Minted Overly used cotton towels? Linen sheets that are no longer young? Do not hesitate to recycle your beautiful linen by opting for a dye. With watercolor, you will get pretty pastel shades and a set of shades similar to tie and dye. The tutorial in detail here

A table runner

Parties for pennies Do you have a plaid that you can no longer see in painting? Transform it into a table runner to decorate your wedding table! To recycle it, you just cut fabric fringes on one side and tie them together. Perfect for a bohemian and romantic wedding. The tutorial in detail here

Place brand corks

Heidi Kay / Muslin & Merlot Unless the placement of your guests is free, a table decoration necessarily includes place cards. For them, we are starting a collection of cork stoppers! You can then recycle them by sliding a flower and a blade of grass as well as the name of the guest on simple card stock. The tutorial in detail here

Center table terrariums

During creation We know the craze for terrariums, we must even say that we have already succumbed. But the good idea is to divert glass jars and fill them with succulents to make them centerpieces. An economical option that also avoids the hassle of fresh flowers. The tutorial in detail here

Restyled wine glasses

The celebration society To get your guests' eyes full without breaking the bank, recycle your ordinary wine glasses. For this, there is a simple and quick solution: the spray paint. Here, the glasses have been partially covered for an even more original effect. The tutorial in detail here

Bulb place cards

The Angry Chic Bride! No need to bring your old used bulbs to recycling. On the contrary, collect a stock by collecting them from your loved ones to transform them ... into place cards. You had to think about it, but you just have to cut the base of the bulb using a hacksaw. Then drag, like here, a flower and the name of the guest. The tutorial in detail here

Diverted jars in vase

A beautiful day To dress the table on D-Day, we don't skimp on floral arrangements. But originality can also come from the container. Here, glass jars - they used to welcome vegetables - were diverted. After having carefully cleaned them, they were covered with spray glue and then with gold glitter. The tutorial in detail here

Wire place cards

The matchmakers We all have a spool of wire hanging around the bottom of a drawer. Surprise, you have a nice and original place card for your wedding table decoration. Using pliers, give it the shape of a heart and add the names of your guests or sweet words. The tutorial in detail here


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