10 tips for a successful table decor

10 tips for a successful table decor

For a decorative and chic table every day, it is not necessary to create a very sophisticated decor. All you need to do is look after the choice of dishes and choose a few accessories that make the difference. So to help you make a success of your table decoration, we suggest you discover 10 tips in pictures.

Poetic dishes

Emiliebok 'To change traditional white dishes, we adopt patterns. Choose something delicate and poetic like this plate with stylized floral patterns that combine with geometric shapes.

Glassware to dramatize the table

Spoiler To present simple fruits, do not hesitate to play the card of the staging by opting for example for a glass bell which will give height to your table.

Original glasses

Bruno Evrard Creation Rather than adopting traditional and classic glasses, play the card of difference by choosing glasses with light patterns as here where the glass is engraved to offer a graphic style.

A daring serving dish

Darwin's home To present your sushi or your appetizers, you can adopt a serving dish which will be a decorative asset for your table. We like, for example, this Yin and Yang shaped tray.

A neat presentation

Eurodif When you set the table, do not hesitate to opt for a dose of originality. Rather than presenting the cutlery in a classic way, place them with the napkin in a pretty ribbon.

Play with materials

Jean Vier At the table, it's not just the dishes that count! We do not hesitate to play with the different materials by incorporating fabric into the decorative presentation as here with a bread basket that changes from the classic models.

Original cutlery

Saber For a decorative touch at the time of dessert or coffee, we adopt small decorative spoons that dare the color so as to bring an original touch to your table.

A buffet presentation

Scapa To enhance your dishes and what you will serve, you can adopt a buffet-style presentation where all your dishes will be combined.

A little height at the table

Zygote Finally, know that you should not hesitate to stack the plates to give a little height to your table. Make sure that each piece has its use!