What do I put in my special decoration birth list?

What do I put in my special decoration birth list?

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Becoming a parent does not mean giving up your passion for decor ... Quite the contrary. The nursery gives you new pretexts to play the interior decorators. And if you take advantage of the gifts of your loved ones to refine the decor of the baby room? Selection of ideas to include in your decorative birth list to change the eternal blue sleeping bag for boys and pink for girls!

A kraft storage bag to decorate the nursery

Funambulus The Funambulus kraft paper storage bags play tightrope walkers in Junior's room. Light in decoration, they can support up to 65 kg thanks to their double thickness of kraft paper. What nicely camouflage toys, linens, books and Lego ... Because good storage habits are taken from the first day!

A bamboo "safari" baby meal tray

Love Maé The first months rhyme more with "breastfeeding" and "bottles" ... And then one day, when you have not seen the time pass, you realize that baby has grown. To support it in its food diversification, you can already add this bamboo "Safari" baby meal tray to your decorative birth list. Wimbowe!

Ferm Living's mobile party in the birth list

Ferm Living We continue with a pretty Scandinavian-inspired mobile signed by Ferm Living. Bow tie, hat, gift, party favors and heart swirl suspended above the baby bed to tint the room in pastel and delicate tones ... Birth is a celebration!

A 3D animal trophy kit

Creative idea In the family of paper animal trophies, I ask ... the panda and the fox! These stylized trophies to be framed thanks to the pre-printed creative kit make playful and original roommates for toddlers. To assemble yourself and to personalize.

A decorative chewable rug to decorate the baby's room

La Redoute This carpet, like a delicacy spread at the foot of the bed, brings some notes of freshness and summer colors to the decor of the baby's room. Something to hesitate between crunching your little one ... or the watermelon carpet with simple and stylized lines placed at the foot of the bed. Yum, yum!

A sleeping bag for baby's first nights

Silly et Billy This sleeping bag in soft and light linen will accompany the first nights of baby (and your interspersed nights). Its lovely duck blue color and its golden moon embroidered in badge make it a nice decorative object to match the air of nothing with the square cushion also from the To the Moon collection. Useful right out of maternity.

Wall shelves like on a cloud

La Redoute We love this lot of two metallic wall shelves in the shape of white clouds. To be added to the decorative birth list to make a dreamy, light and poetic wind blow in the baby's room. And to come back down to earth, we place the small decorative objects of Junior there.

In beautiful sheets ...

Vertbaudet A giraffe, a rhinoceros, beautiful materials, green and white prints and tender yellow with restraint… It does not take more to accompany naps and baby nights. This beautiful duvet cover spotted at Verbaudet brightens the nursery very gently. Sweet dreams!

A handmade rabbit comforter

Little Pink Canary We finish this slideshow with the essentials of any decorative birth list, we named: the comforter! At first glance, we fell in love with these handmade crochet baby rabbits in Australian cotton. There is a good chance that you will add two comforters to your decorative birth list: a comforter in case of a lost comforter and a comforter ... just for you!


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