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We rank in column!

We rank in column!

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For smart storage, we use height rather than width and this therefore gives storage which takes the form of columns to use a minimum of floor space while allowing maximum storage. Demonstration in 10 images!

A storage column to surround the bed

Around the bed, storage space is sometimes lacking. We then opt for column storage which allows the ceiling height to be exploited by perfectly matching the space on each side of the bed. It will also be highlighted by these vertical storage!

Totem-style column storage

If you choose an open column storage, it can quickly transform into a decorative totem that will highlight your favorite objects that you will choose to store inside this atypical piece of furniture.

An improvised vertical storage

If you don't have a storage column, you can also improvise vertical storage. All you need to do is install a chest of drawers to which you will add shelves to gain height.

A storage column for the office

To tidy up around the desk, you often have little space to use. Column storage is then an excellent solution to allow you to store enough without taking up too much space.

A storage column for the bathroom

In the bathroom, you can use the columns to obtain a storage unit close to your sink. To make it even more useful, you can opt for a piece of furniture with a mirror door.

A storage column to separate two spaces

The storage column can also allow you, in addition to storage, to separate two spaces. In the bathroom, everyone will have their sink and their space.

A column storage cabinet

If you are looking for a tall, narrow storage unit that takes up little space, you should turn to the chiffonnier! This very narrow chest of drawers has many drawers that allow you to store a few things. Smart and decorative!

A collection tower

Do you collect decorative items? Then use a storage tower to display your small objects without taking up too much space.

Stacked crates

To store up and create your own columns, you can also bet on boxes that you stack. Just be sure to secure each module securely to prevent drops once they are loaded. More ideas by clicking here!