Textile to give style

Textile to give style

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January is traditionally the month of white but it is also an opportunity for us to make you discover the potential of textiles in the home. Here are some decoration ideas to give style to your interior with a few scraps of fabric.

Fabric on the wall

Ikea To decorate any room in the house, the fabric can also be displayed on the walls. You can directly stretch a beautiful fabric or simply place the fabric under a frame to protect it.

Choice curtains

Ikea Curtains are real assets in the house when they allow you to finalize your decor and give it an extra touch of soul. Here, the curtains even become strong elements of the decor thanks to their color.

Textile works of art

Ikea By opting for Japanese panels or blinds in original patterns, the textile will turn into a real work of art to dress your windows or door openings.

Fabric to cover furniture

Spoiler Are your chairs gray? With colorful chair covers, they boost the decor of your dining room. All at a low price.

Tea towels for decoration

Ferm Living Why hide your linen when it can make an excellent decorative element? In the kitchen for example, we expose the tea towels in style to decorate this room in an original way.

Cushions to wake up the house

Atelier LZC Whether it's your bed or your sofa, you can awaken the decor and give it a new dimension by adopting original cushions. The choice of colors and patterns will be crucial.

Poufs for a warm atmosphere

Spoiler Note that you can also use fabric for the furniture of your home. We will choose for example a fabric sofa for the living room or simply poufs and floor cushions that will give a friendly atmosphere.

Bed linen that sets the tone

Ferm Living Be aware that the bed linen can set the tone of the room and infuse it with its decorative style like the retro atmosphere that reigns in this room thanks to the bed linen with geometric patterns.

A profusion of textiles

LZC workshop To dress the house and give it a warm atmosphere, it must be accessorized with textiles. Carpets, cushions or even poufs and pretty tablecloths will bring the decor to life.