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Bartsch decorates the walls of the children's room

Bartsch decorates the walls of the children's room

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To make toddlers dream with the decoration of the walls of their room, Bartsch, the Parisian workshop of wall decoration puts on an elegant and poetic style. Created with respect for traditional techniques, the new wallpapers will delight children and parents.

Yellow for the little ones

Bartsch To flower in a very graphic way the children's room, we put on this wallpaper which sports stylized round and light flowers to give rhythm to the wall.

Pink flowers

Bartsch For a feminine touch, we prefer light flowers in a pink color that little girls are sure to adore. The bedroom is made sweet thanks to its round shapes and pastel colors.

The sweetness of purple

Bartsch For little girls, we put on the purple wallpaper with the dots in a light and soft color. The wallpaper ensures the trend in a timeless bedroom.

Boys also dream

Bartsch If your child is a boy, we put pink in the cupboard and we prefer soft clouds on a blue background. Note that this wallpaper will also be ideal for girls because here blue is not a male color but the color of the sky.

Girls have their heads in the clouds

Bartsch To make the girls' bedroom a real cocoon of softness, Bartsch offers this pink wallpaper on which delicate cottony clouds have settled. On a wall or in a single strip, this wallpaper provides decoration.

Boys and girls fly away

Bartsch Boys and girls can also dream of clouds with this wallpaper where the clouds settle on a green background. Everything is very soft to soothe children.

A pretty midnight blue

Bartsch So that the room evokes the night, we put on a fairly dark blue wallpaper on which settle golden dots that evoke the stars. The peas have variants that remind us of the different phases of the moon.

Trendy patterns and colors

Bartsch For a very trendy child's bedroom, this wallpaper is ideal because it combines the very trendy pattern of dots with the gray color which becomes a staple of decoration.

Creative painting

Bartsch Finally, to complete the decor of the child's room, you will find creative painting to express all your desires on the walls of the children's room.