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Zoom on the bedroom storage

Zoom on the bedroom storage

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To optimize the storage space and make the room a pleasant and uncluttered room, a minimum of organization will be required. Choose your furniture well and use small tricks that will save you storage space. Discover our techniques in pictures.

A clever bed

Paragraph To increase your storage space, there are beds that have everything planned. This model for example incorporates a shelf all around to store your books without taking up space. It is ideal for replacing a small library.

Clever furniture

Paragraph Go to furniture that allows you to store a maximum. You will find bedside tables, consoles and end tables which contain chests dedicated to storage. The storage spaces are then invisible.

Original furniture

La Redoute Rather than opting for a chest of drawers and a dressing table, prefer a model of furniture that integrates these two functions to save you space. Thus the dresser can accommodate a tray to store makeup and contain a mirror to make it very useful.

A functional headboard

Fly Similarly, instead of choosing a simple headboard, prefer a model that allows storage. There are headboards that act as real bookcases!

Storage all around the room

Ikea Do not hesitate to use the entire surface of the room for storage. You can for example opt for a wardrobe that you will run all along the walls. The decorative effect will also be very original.

Ceiling storage

Ikea Also feel free to use the entire surface under the ceiling. For example, if you already have a good height, you can install shelves just below the ceiling to store books around the room.

Storage for lost surfaces

Quadro If your room has a sub-slope that does not allow you to circulate throughout the space, use it for storage! You can easily slide storage lockers or shelves at the end of your slope.

A hidden dressing room

Quadro Finally, to gain storage in the bedroom, nothing like a walk-in closet that fits into the wall and therefore allows you to tidy up without cluttering the space of the room!

Built-in storage

Paragraph The built-in storage units are real assets to make life easier in the bedroom and not to encroach on space! If your room is configured in such a way that it makes this type of layout possible, don't hesitate!

Blinds instead of doors

Castorama Do you want your wardrobe to look a little different from the others? What if you replaced its doors with colored blinds? We keep the idea!

A natural touch

Castorama We are under the spell of this branch of driftwood suspended in the air which brings a real original and natural touch to the room. The clothes are exposed and are therefore part of the decor. A successful bias!

A tall headboard

Conforama This headboard which goes up to the ceiling is ideal for gaining storage without too much nibbling on the living space of the bedroom. We take our hat off to this idea!

A chest of drawers and a cupboard to complete

Quadro If you don't have enough of a wardrobe to store all the family's clothes, add a wall cupboard and a chest of drawers next to it to complete.

A drawer under the bed

La Redoute Convenient this drawer that opens from the front of the bed! You can store blankets that are out of season or bed linen to free up some space in the cupboards.

One more week

Ikea To complete the large wardrobe in the bedroom which accommodates crumpled clothes, bet on a weekly table in which sweaters and T-shirts will find a special place.

Multiply storage

Conforama To make sure you don't run out of storage in the bedroom, adopt a large wardrobe, a bedside table, a chest of drawers, a console and a bed end made up of numerous drawers.

High furniture

Ikea Like the kitchens where we are more used to finding them, this room has opted for large wall units above the headboard. Convenient when running after square centimeters!

A storage bench

La Redoute A bench in the bedroom is very practical when it comes to taking off or putting on your shoes. So, when it has the added advantage of having storage space, we say yes!


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