Architect's advice: integrate the table into kitchen furniture

Architect's advice: integrate the table into kitchen furniture

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To finish with the table placed on its four legs in a corner of the kitchen like an attached room, we opt for a table integrated into the kitchen furniture. This reinterpretation of the traditional table saves space and maintains an aesthetic unity in the volume. A configuration featuring the table, very popular with families for its friendliness and ergonomics, but also for all those who like to be surrounded and chat during the preparation of meals.

Integrate the dining table with kitchen furniture: a retractable table

Angélique BLANC In order to maintain good light, this open kitchen of 3.64 mx 3.70 m receives only low elements, arranged in L, as well as a central island serving as storage and work plan. To meet an aesthetic and space-saving need, the island worktop is transformed into a dining area thanks to a retractable table that slides under the island. This table, at traditional height, thus frees up space outside meal times, and welcomes family members or guests with conviviality during meals and their preparation.

Integrate the dining table into the kitchen furniture: as an extension of the work plan

Angélique BLANC Proof is made here that even in a closed kitchen and without a central island, it is possible to integrate the table perfectly with the kitchen elements. This 4.92 mx 3.76 m kitchen, ideal for a couple with two children, does not suffer the slightest horizontal break. All the elements, furniture, appliances and table, are at the same height, the table being in the extension of the work plan. A real integrated table / worktop, it punctuates the composition, creating a U-shaped arrangement, while playing on the effects of perspective by visually enlarging the kitchen.

Integrate the dining table into the kitchen furniture: a circular tray

Angélique BLANC If the surface of your kitchen allows it and you like the softness of the rounded lines, bet on this arrangement while aesthetics, originality and functionality. In this very designer open kitchen of 5.53 mx 4.26 m, the dining island takes over from the table that sat enthroned in a corner of the kitchen. True heart of the kitchen, the table forms like a peninsula in the center of the room. Its circular tray allows 4 or 5 seats for convivial meals and, in the extension of the shelf receiving the sink, a space allows two people to have breakfast or an aperitif without cluttering the table.