Selection of 10 beautiful curtains for your decor

Selection of 10 beautiful curtains for your decor

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Is a little something missing so that your decor is complete? Choosing your curtains can make a difference. Arty prints, pastel palette, velvet or plain 100% cotton ... beautiful curtains will give the final touch to your room and will dress it up with elegance. Here is a selection of 10 curtains at low prices to radically change your decor in images.

White curtains for a refined decor

Ikea Nothing better than combining a refined decor with beautiful white and wispy curtains for a relaxing room. Whether in a bedroom or in a living room like here, opt for a contemporary minimalist interior with these 100% cotton curtains to dim the light and obtain a more intimate atmosphere. The trick: personalize your decor by adding a color accessory to contrast everything like a plant for example. Not bad is not it ?

Pastel printed curtains for a pretty cocoon

Maisons du Monde If you want to bring more color to your room, but very gently, choose beautiful pastel printed curtains. Here, for example, the subtle blend of blue curtains, Scandinavian furniture and neutral carpet gives warmth to this room. And without much effort ... Perfect for hibernating at home in all discretion.

Black and white zigzag pattern curtains

Zigzag To bring originality to your decor, there is not necessarily a need to mix the bright colors. You can also dare these beautiful monochrome curtains with a chevron pattern. Like here, do not hesitate to make a nice mix of geometric prints in black and white. The end result is simple but more than effective. We admit you, we're a fan.

A plant motif curtain for more freshness

Spoiler Give your room a little boost with decorative curtains in watercolor leaf prints. These shades of green and blue will bring freshness to your interior in the blink of an eye. Add for example as here, some accessories in the same tones for a bedroom or a living room that breathes. It almost feels like the countryside.

Cozy curtains with leather loops

La Redoute Tired of curtains without personality? Give back all the elegance that your room deserves by betting on beautiful opaque woolen curtains. The extra touch? Sublime leather loops, the detail that changes everything. Perfect for creating a more than cozy atmosphere in an office. So get to work!

Cute fox print curtains like everything

Enapremium Little choice between the colors available in stores? Think again ... Choose adorable discreet but playful curtains like these decorative curtains with fox prints for example. Enough to wrap your room in softness, whether in a living room, in a bedroom or even in a nursery. Impossible to remain indifferent!

Tropical curtains for an exotic decor

Leroy merlin Filtering the light to keep privacy yes, but at the expense of the decorative aspect, it's a big no. Do not panic, the most daring can dare the beautiful curtains with tropical prints. They will not only give freshness to your room but will bring a relaxing atmosphere. If, like here, you are lucky enough to have dark wooden floors, the end result will be just sublime.

Curtains with spaghetti threads for a boudoir effect

Homemaison Are you looking for more originality in the choice of your curtains? The spaghetti thread decorating creations may be the solution for you. As in this example, these beautiful red and black curtains filter the light to provide more privacy, but they can also be used to create a softer separation in a room. Nice boudoir effect guaranteed.

Short blue curtains with border

Next In a bedroom or living room, for a curtain to dress your room with elegance, you don't need to have a large floor-to-ceiling model. As here, you can choose beautiful short curtains with border to give more contrast to your decor. Not to mention that they are completely blackout, therefore perfect in a bedroom.