Angelic decor in the children's room

Angelic decor in the children's room

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Just descended from their little cloud, the angels land in the room of our little angels to us in order to bewitch it with infinite sweetness and dreamy lightness. A pretty winged trend of which here is a small extract.

An angelic mirror

Serendipity ### If this replica Venetian mirror brings a magical touch to the room of the toddlers, it owes it above all to the wings of angels which were fixed to him in the back.

An angelic headboard

Maisons du Monde ### Unveiling a pretty pair of wings, the headboard has never looked after the sleep of the little ones.

An angelic lamp

Le Trousselier ### On your little one's bedside table, this half-rabbit, half-angel bedside lamp brings a delicate poetic touch, whether it is off or on!

An angelic wall trophy

Serendipity ### Presentation of a wall trophy love overlooking the crib: a very soft polar bear's head whose wings subtly echo those of a benevolent angel…

An angelic chair

Fermob ### The silhouette of two loving angels forms the back of this pretty wrought iron chair to be placed in a corner of the room.

Angelic bed linen

Maisons du Monde ### "An angel goes by", this is the phrase delicately displayed by this children's bed linen. A flapping of wings will be enough for the sleeping area to wake up…

Angelic decorative wings

Maisons du Monde ### In a room as wise as an image, we hung decorative angel wings on a large screen as on a small cloud. Light weight and softness at will!

Angelic handles

Maisons du Monde ### The handles of the chest of drawers have decided to be pretty by adopting an adorable winged look. Because the charm of the children's room goes through the smallest detail!

An angelic cushion

Maisons du Monde ### On the armchair of little princesses, a soft cushion reveals an elegant pair of wings as a decorative motif. Poetry and delicacy at the end.


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