10 ideas for teenage bedroom walls

10 ideas for teenage bedroom walls

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The decoration of the teenage bedroom varies according to the tastes and styles of each and the walls are a real field of expression. Here is a small panel of decorating ideas, which will allow them to bring a decorative touch to their room. From wallpaper to stickers, everyone has their own wall!


### A black wall that highlights the stickers you want to stick on. It gives relief and depth to the room, where all the objects are thus valued.


### Conversely, very flashy walls complementary to the decor give a festive side to the room. Choose the color according to the style: here the orange color gives a pop touch to the whole.

Teen bedroom bed loft black pink white bricks wall pictures

## Quirky / artistic ### A brick wall as wallpaper and a photo wall create a personalized style. A touch of artistic madness where the teenager adds his own personal touch to the whole painting.


### An effective decoration based on simplicity. A colored board acts as a shelf. It is fixed directly to a plain wall. A color shock that stylizes and gives a practical side to the room.


### The wallpaper is up to date: green background, figures of monsters, little bear and other drawings will delight your teenager.


### A two-color paint in natural tones. A change of color which gives two atmospheres to the room, that of the "living room" corner, and above that of the bedroom corner which inspires rest and serenity thanks to the lighter wall.


### This time the wall is separated vertically by two colors that recall those of the office. Dynamic effect guaranteed!

Art decal

### Blue wall and Union Jack stickers for a British atmosphere! And stickers of little guys climbing for a current and fun decor.


### Balloon-shaped stickers for a wall decoration that will appeal to all children. The round shapes bring a very graphic style.


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