Thoughts of all sizes and all colors come from the end of autumn to brighten up your planters, and your beds. They will even tolerate frost and snow to flourish even better in the spring. Thoughts have the advantage of re-sowing and thus renewing themselves in the place where they were born. Small plants can then be transplanted wherever you want.

Thought Viola Mauve

J-F. Mahé This purple thought exposes in its center like an eye surrounded by eyelashes stretched with mascara.

Viola Thought

J-F. Mahé Let your imagination run wild, and you will discover like a face of an animal with two big blue eyes above a white nose and a small yellow tongue.

Thought Viola Marina

J-F. Mahé We find this same form at the heart of viola marina thought, like a mask surrounded by a slightly darker purple.

Thought Viola Coconut Duet

J-F. Mahé This thought is adorned with two well-defined shades to better make it appear like a sun in its center.

Pansy Viola Cornuta Purple White

J-F. Mahé Isn't it a pretty butterfly that sits at the heart of this purple thought?

Thought Viola Blue True

J-F. Mahé Simpler, blue, purple, purple, yellow or orange, they can rub together to form a multicolored or plain carpet.

Thought Viola Romantica

J-F. Mahé If you can't decide on a color, try the mixes! Here a magnificent shades of thoughts ranging from cream to red wine red. So romantic!

Thought Viola Cornuta Citrus

J-F. Mahé A hyper-vitamin yellow, this thought catches the eye with its luminosity, as other yellow spring flowers like primroses and narcissuses can do.

Pansy Viola Cornuta Mix Citrus

J-F. Mahé Also vitaminized, but sweeter, the "Citrus" pansy displays petals of a very sweet orange.

Pansy Viola Cornuta Purple

J-F. Mahé Thoughts speak not only to the look, but also to the touch: here, we would like to caress with their finger their velvet petals.

Pansy Viola Mix

J-F. Mahé These large multicolored pansies work wonders in bedding to brighten up the greyness of spring.

Thought Viola Mauve

J-F. Mahé A dark and deep heart highlighted by petals of a light and fresh mauve: here is the secret of the charm of this delicate variety.

Thought Viola Blue Blotch

J-F. Mahé Here they are, in their evening costume, impatient to go dancing at the ball given in their honor.

Thought Viola Citrus

J-F. Mahé The sun is not only in the sky, it is also sometimes at ground level. This is what these little thoughts seem to say that shine with all their lights.