My canopy bed and its headboard

My canopy bed and its headboard

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The headboard has become so inseparable from the sleeping area that even four-poster beds cannot do without it! Discover 10 canopy beds and their headboards.

Solid teak

Maisons du Monde ### Colonial inspiration is in the bedroom with this canopy bed in solid teak, the twisted uprights and majestic headboard of which leave no one indifferent.


Goal ### Two large bamboos make up the headboard of this resolutely exotic canopy bed. An invitation to travel…

Wenge color

Maisons du Monde ### Here is an Asian-inspired atmosphere! The bedroom has indeed offered a round trip to China with its satin fabrics, hand-painted furniture and its canopy bed in solid acacia, wengé color, headboard included…

In steel

Maisons du Monde ### The tales of the Thousand and One Nights do not seem far away with this ultra-romantic black steel canopy bed. His secret? Its curtains, but also its headboard and its majestic lines.

Solid pine

Paragraph ### The little extra of this classic style canopy bed? The paneling effect for the headboard which gently reveals its "raw wood" side.

In wood

Maisons du Monde ### Well-being with natural materials is what makes this room. The canopy bed and its raw wood headboard are proof of this.

Wrought iron

Paragraph ### With the wrought iron structure of this four-poster bed, its headboard could only present a romantic and light look: vertical bars and undulating ornaments as a bonus!

Painted white

Maisons du Monde ### Fully dressed in white satin paint, this wooden canopy bed reveals a headboard with classic finishes, the height of which gives character to the sleeping area. With ease !

Solid wood

Maisons du Monde ### With its four-poster bed and the headboard forming a nice ripple against the wall, this room opts for a soft and romantic atmosphere.


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