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Fall for the concrete effect in the house

Fall for the concrete effect in the house

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After having revamped the floors and walls of the house, the trend of polished concrete is now tackling furniture and other decorative items. But then, do they have a concrete look for real or for fake? It's up to you (or not) to make a difference! Anyway, industrial interiors have already chosen this skin as one of their new favorites.

Concrete effect for the coffee table

Maisons du Monde ### Here is a coffee table that does not lack style with its light gray trim with a raw appearance that strangely reminds us of concrete.

Concrete effect for the dining table

Maisons du Monde ### After the coffee table, the outdoor dining table! The concrete aspect due to its mineral color and its molded design as in a block gives it a small trendy industrial loft side that we love!

Concrete effect for the fruit bowl

Fly ### Even on the table, the concrete style continues to display its effect by fully dressing a bowl of fruit, giving it an absolutely extraordinary, absolutely urban look.

Concrete effect for plant pots

Paragraph ### In the garden and in the house, pots of plants bloom with the seasons. But the novelty that is about to dethrone the color block trend is the gray pots cut in a block that seem as hard as concrete. Industrial mood when you hold us!

Concrete effect for outdoor furniture

Fly ### Another table that assumes its raw and concrete appearance. A trendy look that it owes to its cement and fiberglass composition.

Concrete effect for the table lamp

La Redoute ### Another example of an ultra industrial luminaire. This time, it is a table lamp whose base is entirely adorned with concrete.

Concrete effect for the wall lamp

Delamaison ### Here is an unusual anthracite gray wall lamp in waxed concrete which should delight lovers of industrial design. The little extra? Its "diverted object" look with three taps as light sources!

Concrete effect for the door wedge

Fleux ### The industrial era inspires the design of decorative objects, even the smallest of them! The proof with this wedge door Fleux in zinc, metal, wood and cement which appears neither more nor less than to be concrete.

Concrete effect for garden furniture

Habitat ### Another example of a garden dining table accompanied by its 4 stools imposing a dark concrete look. Composed in reality of ecru fibrestone, all this pretty world is much lighter than it seems…