Our selection of very colorful rugs

Our selection of very colorful rugs

When the rays of the sun point their nose, we put the rugs in cold colors in favor of very colorful models that will brighten up the house in the spring. To inspire you, we have selected 10 colorful rugs to buy at Un Amour de Tapis.

A carpet of pretty flowers

A carpet love If you want greenery in your interior, you can choose this original carpet which represents flowers which seem to have grown on the ground. The carpet does not have a geometric shape but follows the contours of the flowers to create a real decorative object.

An abstract carpet

A love of carpets To bring color to the floor of your interior, your carpet need not have figurative patterns! Indeed, you can also bet on solid colors surrounded by black curves to create a very graphic effect.

A bucolic carpet

A love of carpets Because spring is a season when the bucolic style fully flourishes, you will find carpets in soft colors that feature flowers and birds. This carpet is then very cheerful while playing on a delicate and retro atmosphere.

A smarties-style rug

A carpet love Do you know the famous colored candies? Well, this carpet seems to have gathered a bunch of small multicolored candies to form a lozenge with a vitamin look. Small colored beads will enhance any interior.

A carpet like an alley

A love of carpets To create original spaces with your carpets or to decorate a corridor, you will also find carpets all in length and in original shapes which will create a very decorative path to lead you where you want in your interior.

A flowery carpet

A love of carpets If this carpet uses fairly classic floral patterns, these colors are not! Indeed, here, the patterns are beige and it is the background that sports very original colors like variations of blue, red or even yellow and pink. A carpet that has fun with codes!

A carpet with stains

A love of carpets If we are sometimes afraid of staining the carpet, with this model no risk because it is adorned with polka dots of very bright colors as if paint had landed on it inadvertently. A real work of art!

A chromatic circle mat

A love of rugs This round rug has bright colors on the side to form a very decorative chromatic circle which illuminates your interior. The colors are bright and create a real decorative effect.

A flower carpet

A love of carpets Finally, you can also choose a more traditional style by choosing a light-colored carpet that is adorned with large multicolored flowers. Country spirit guaranteed!