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Hema offers its new Do It Yourself collection

Hema offers its new Do It Yourself collection

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For its new collection of creative hobbies, Hema offers a multitude of accessories to make your creations. Stickers, threads, masking tape, papers of all kinds or even a sewing machine are waiting for you to help us from A to Z to express our imagination. Discover our 10 favorites without further delay!

A taste for detail with stickers

Hema No more giving gifts with simple paper and leaving photo albums without fancies. Thanks to these cute stickers, you can easily add a little playful note to your gifts and decoration. The Flower / Bird decoration package: 1 euro

Tape everything that moves with masking tape!

Hema Pink, hearts and flowers, it was enough to replace the pasta to fix which stain and the super bland yellowish transparent tape to stick everything you want. The set of 3 adhesive tapes: 3 euros The set of 2 masking tape: 2.50 euros

We replace the classic with the original with colored envelopes

Hema What could be more trivial than putting a pretty postcard in a white envelope? Now you can admire the card and also the envelope which is dressed in pretty prints. The set of 8 envelopes: 3 euros

Hema kraft color box neon pink lines

Hema Mignon discreetly! Never running out of storage, this pretty box with a neon pink border is happy to hide all your creative leisure accessories. Useless to hide it, because it also brings a very nice decorative side. Pink magnetic closure safe: 5 euros

The detail that kills

Hema To decorate a postcard, notebooks, or simply home accessories, a few small stickers are enough. The little girls will be delighted and their mothers too. Butterfly stickers: 3 euros

Make homemade jewelry.

Hema Create your own jewelry and like a big one, what could be more rewarding for a little girl? It is now possible with these solid plastic jewels which one decorates using the three available colors.

Sewing is child's play!

Hema To stop asking your mom or grandmother to mend your clothes or for all our fabric desires, we adopt the sewing machine at low prices signed Hema. The plus: we love their flashy colors! Sewing machine: 59 euros

Everything at your fingertips to customize!

Hema Sometimes, a few small buttons or designs are enough to bring an original side. To participate in these small creations, Hema offers buttons to sew everywhere as well as graphic thermo-sticky pastilles in the shape of a cloud. Iron-on appliques: 4 euros Button set: 4 euros

Creative objects for children

Hema Children are very creative and love to color and create. They will be very happy with these stamps that will enhance their creations. The set of 4 boy stamps: 2.50 euros


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