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Muskhane presents its latest creations

Muskhane presents its latest creations

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What if you let a good mood enter your home with a touch of neon pink? This winter, Muskhane is presenting all of its felt decorative items, handcrafted in Nepal, in this dazzling color. Discover in images a collection that does not go unnoticed.

A seat full of pep

Muskhane To bring vitality to your decor, bet on the nomad cube and its soft seat. Installed near the sofa in the living room or at the foot of the bed in your bedroom, it brings warmth and conviviality.

Smarties cushion

Muskhane With its rounded and colorful shapes reminiscent of the famous candy, the Smarties cushion brings a lot of originality to your decor. You can both appreciate its comfort and softness when sitting on a chair as well as as a floor cushion.

Lucky day

Muskhane Make your home a haven of sweetness and poetry with these colorful clovers to place wherever you want. Table, floor, buffet, bet on different colors and sprinkle with clovers good luck everywhere.

In the forest

Muskhane A must in the collection, the Muskhane mushroom is available in several sizes and colors. Poetic and playful, it will delight children in their bedroom and that of adults on the library in the living room, for example.

A very practical wall pocket

Muskhane Attached to the wall, this colorful pocket becomes a practical and decorative storage space. You can use it in the hallway as a pocket or in the baby's room to put all its products in, while providing a very contemporary natural atmosphere.

A very decorative basket

Muskhane For storing toys, clothes and accessories, without leaving aside the decor, opt for this colorful and flexible basket. Its size makes it the ally of small spaces so do not hesitate to install it in every corner of the house. Its little extra: a simple backhand and it changes style!

A soft light

Muskhane The soft light of this pendant lamp brings a touch of originality when it is suspended in an entrance hall or living room. Its Zen side makes us appreciate both its color and the warm atmosphere it gives off.

A fluorescent ball

Muskhane These felt balls will customize your interior decoration and give it a very contemporary touch. Spread them as you wish throughout the house, on the stairs or on a sideboard, to make them a very original decorative object.

A bubble carpet

Muskhane To create an interior like no other, you can bet on the Lumbini carpet. Its round shape and its neon color bring a lot of cheerfulness and warmth. Combine it with other round carpets and in different colors to give more contrast to the room.