What to do with hyacinth and muscaris bulbs?

What to do with hyacinth and muscaris bulbs?

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From the very first cold, garden centers and florists offer forced bulbs that are just waiting to bloom in the warmth of our apartments. Thanks to a technique which dates from the 17th century, these plants are already believed in spring in the middle of January… for our greatest pleasure! 10 decorative ideas to flower and perfume the house throughout the winter, for just a few euros…

In paper or burlap, of course

My plant my happiness / The Garden of Il d'Elle Once at home, we repot the bulbs in small jars of jam, sprinkle lightly, and we wrap everything in a burlap or white paper with a pretty string, a sprig of raffia or a ribbon. And here are pretty plant pots as simple as they are elegant! Source: My plant my happiness / The Garden of Il d'Elle

In newspaper, eco-chic

Lisbet e We also love to hide the cups of hyacinths in newspaper. A great idea to recycle the decorative magazines lying around on the coffee table while highlighting plants at a lower cost. Besides, for this price, we take the opportunity to play the effects of accumulation! Source: Lisbet e

In a transparent jar, absolutely

Eenigwonen / Pinterest The big trend is to plant your spring bulbs in transparent pots, to show the bulbs and the plant root system. Depending on the desired effect, we opt for jars or jars of recycled jam, or large straight vases at the bottom of which we do not hesitate to add a layer of draining substrate and a little potting soil before transferring its bulbs . Source: Eenigwonen / Pinterest

In a large vase, for a 100% decorative effect

Meillakotona / Lantlif Placed at the bottom of a large vase, the hyacinth bulbs flourish very warm, like in a terrarium. With or without soil, with or without moss, the important thing is to water regularly with a few drops of water. Magnificent, right? Source: Meillakotona / Lantlif

In a recycled tin can, for DIY enthusiasts

Fairy nuf The cans are the ideal size for planting hyacinth or muscaris bulbs. In raw aluminum or covered with patterned paper, these recycled objects quickly become cachepots in tune with the times ... A nice gift to give to those we love! Source: Fairy nuf

In accumulation on the windowsill

The garden of Il d'Elle / Ikea To really bring spring into the house, we align the bulbs on the window sills and observe the flowers appear one by one ... When they are all in bloom, they give off a fragrance totally addictive green! And then we do not hesitate to do like our Swedish friends by planting bulbs in a muffin pan covered with foam: great, right? Source: The Garden of Il d'Elle / Ikea

Kokedama way More sophisticated, hyacinth kokedamas are one of the strong trends of the season. You can order them from your favorite florist or get started in the art of kokedama!

In the center of the table, with foam

Pinterest Hyacinth and muscaris bulbs are also perfect for creating festive and spring centerpieces. Provide additional soil to fill the bottom of your container, and foam to cover the soil. Very beautiful also on a coffee table…

A festive decor that already smells of spring

My garden my wonders And finally, the hyacinth bulbs are also great classics of the holiday season. With moss, pine cones and small fir branches, they allow you to easily create flower arrangements at low prices. We keep the idea for next year! Source: My garden, my wonders