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Unusual: discover the incredible interior of private jets

Unusual: discover the incredible interior of private jets

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Who has never dreamed of entering a luxury private jet? Their interiors are often astonishing, with sometimes improbable decorations, or simply class and refined. Climb aboard these incredible planes where all styles are allowed!

Futuristic design

Architecture and Design The interior of this private jet is very design. Clean lines, white, and a few pieces in lacquered black. One thing is certain: the owner of this device wanted a modern atmosphere! You just have to see the flat screen and the integrated touch pad to understand it!

A cozy interior

Architecture and Design Change of atmosphere with the interior of this jet which focuses on comfort and conviviality. With its soft carpet and undoubtedly very comfortable sofas, you could almost live all year round on this plane! To complete it all, a few plants have been arranged to bring a little freshness. It remains to be seen whether they resist theft!

A luxurious bathroom

Architecture and Design You can imagine that those who can afford a private jet are not satisfied with small toilet cubicles in which one can barely turn! This bathroom is proof, with its gilding, its shower cabin and its marble vanity top. It's beautiful, it's big, it shines… What do you mean, "too much"?

A cozy bedroom

Architecture and Design If it is possible to take a shower in a private jet, we can obviously sleep there too! But beware, in this one, you sleep in a real soft bed! The bedroom is even decorated with frames and a bouquet. It remains only to hope that there is no turbulence during the night, at the risk of getting caught on the head!

A much more serious style

Architecture and Design We do not laugh in this jet. The atmosphere is very serious - but still luxurious. Gray partitions, dark leather seats and noble wood give this jet a manly and almost intimidating style.

A real dining room

Architecture and Design Some owners of private jets really think big. As with this jet, which has a large dining table that can seat no less than 14 people! All comfortably installed in large armchairs and around an imposing lacquered wooden table. High class !

A little sobriety

Architecture and Design Here is an interior that is easier to identify with! Sobriety and comfort are de rigueur for this interior all dressed in beige, with armchairs that seem incredibly soft. The noble wood used on the shelves gives a touch of luxury, because hey, we're in a private jet anyway!

Like at home

Architecture and Design Pictures in beautiful golden frames, a comfortable sofa, a dining table… you would think you were not in a plane but rather in a family apartment! You will notice the stemware and the crystal lamp, decidedly, the jet owners are not afraid of anything!

A spaceship style decor

Architecture and Design Some owners do not hesitate to give free rein to their imagination to decorate their private jet! This one is worth a look, with its silver armchairs and metallic partitions, it feels like a real spaceship!


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